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Submitted by CUR on 3/9/02. ( )


Son, I checked out your web site after reading the post. I am flabbergasted (look that up in you're Funk and Wagnall's) that you would have the audacity to use another taxidermist's work to display what you consider to be a poor example of our craft. Especially when you own work leaves much to be desired.

You mention "dead" fish? Have YOU ever seen a living fish? The only fish that you have in your gallery that is close to correct is the carp! (That may say a lot about your fishing experience) Sadly, even the carp is the wrong patina and color. Son, there are a lot of old sayings and parables about throwing glass houses if you live in rocks and not counting your hatchlings before your chicken lays eggs, but you should honestly take a good look at your own work before trashing the work of another fellow in the trade.

Let me put it bluntly: Your work is FAIR, just that. There is nothing either exceptional or outstanding about the painting, the posture or the arrangements that would get you a seat close enough to the front of the class to look up the teacher's dress.

This is a field of fellowship. Some taxidermists take the time and effort to study their subjects and are able to impart that knowledge on their works. Others just never seem to take the time and effort to do so. Regardless of the stature and perceived quality of a particular work, it should not be ridiculed by you or any other. Let me explain it to you in simple terms. Your work is just AVERAGE, and no better! How dare you set it up as an example of the best this industry offers? How would you like it if someone of my ability level were to set up a web site and use YOUR works as an example of AVERAGE? You wouldn't like it would you? There is nothing wrong with having pride in one's efforts, but all things are relative, and son, don't you forget that!

Please, for your future's sake,and in the name of kindness to others, restructure that web site before you live long enough to regret having done it in that manner. What you have done is not kind in the least, and bespeaks your own naviety in general. There are better ways to tell folks you are worth what you charge...........

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Well spoken from a true Master Taxidermist

This response submitted by Taxidermy fan and humble student on 3/9/02. ( )

Well said Cur! I am so glad that a master taxidermist as esteemed and respected as yourself has spoken out on this young self proclaimed perfect fish taxidermist.

Cur,please continue to keep us young and upcoming taxidermy pups in line! We all need attitude adjustments from you all every now and then! After seeing that guys Aquatic Art site, I have learned a new lesson in keeping my own ego in check.

Thanks again Cur!

Bill, It must be your pheromones

This response submitted by George on 3/9/02. ( )

If I had posted that thread, I'd have these bleeding hearts lined up with a rope at Ken Edwards doorsteps. You say it, and the groupies come out of the woodwork groveling at your boot laces. Could you spare a few ounce of that stuff. I'm sure it's as expensive as epoxy hide paste, but I'll just forsake a quart or two so I can pay you. LMAO


This response submitted by JT on 3/9/02. ( )

My carp may look a little wierd on your "puter" but it looks fine on mine. You know, lighting, scanning, photography skill, computer screen adjustment, etc.It also looks exactly like our carp here in eastern Nebraska.I also only slam the crummy looking fish that I have used as examples of horrible taxidermy found on Ebay and at our state game and parks offices. You should read further on that page. My web site isn't any different from many other peoples sites. I am simply trying to give good examples of trouble spots to inform my potential customers. the examples of bad taxidermy are very good examples of what I am talking about.I am sure I could find bad parts on everyone's mounts. Goodness knows I am never satisfied with any of my mounts. Even blue ribbons After all, a web site is a sales tool. just like a pamphlet that is open 24 hrs. a day. of course your not going to tell customers" hey, I still need work on my tail junctures so you should still let me mount your fish". Besides, I don't ever use names to bad mouth people or other taxidermists or ever show any person's faces as to humiliate them, or defamate them. That's why we should all stay members of our state associations and compete so we can all receive USEFUL criticism. However, this post does show me that I have to get some old pics off and some new ones up. Hey our show is coming up on March 15th-17th. All of you should come on out.

It felt good to get some of that agression out didn't it CUR?
Been doin this too long huh?

see yah,


This response submitted by don on 3/9/02. ( )

lmao! welcome back, cur! hey, george, you're still my favorite icon!

Thank YOU CUR!

This response submitted by Bonnie Z on 3/9/02. ( )

I was sooooo hoping you would have seen that post! I (we) would have thought if anyone could get through to this guy it would be the great CUR; you really said it all; but alas evidently Justins head is so far up on a pedestal (still can't figure out why) that he just doesn't get it.....
Justin HUMBLE thyself....


This response submitted by michael sestak on 3/9/02. ( )

i went to the aquatic art web site link, the one where justin is comparing the quality of his mounts with the bad and rotten ones he listed as bad examples....
and you know what....he is right
his work is better than the examples he lists and thats all he was saying. his defense, if someone with the same years of experience as justin has would like to compare photos of their work against his, go right ahead.
but if you have YEARS of experience and happen to be in the masters category or better, a comparision would not be fair or honest.
if his web site is mis leading then perhaps he would like to fix it.
but his comparision of work is right on...he is better than the other mounts he shows.
sorry...but it is true.

Catch more flies with honey.....

This response submitted by Gary Bruch on 3/9/02. ( )

I always point out the good in my work verses actual reference ---the educated customer takes it from there.
You should make a point in not making examples of your peers---just focus on you and yours.
Thats my 2 cents---for what it is worth.

How is it now?

This response submitted by Justin on 3/9/02. ( )

I changed my site. JUST A LITTLE! I hope this makes you all a little bit happier now.


went to

This response submitted by michael sestak on 3/10/02. ( )

your web site and couldnt get past the first page
perhaps it is just my browser.
do not let the nay sayers take you down. this business takes an awful lot of work and committment to get any where, stick with it
i believe you have the talent and that it will develop over the years if you want it to. and yes, it is always good to show your customers good examples of taxidermy and what they can expect in a quality mount, it is also good to educate these customers and explain to them what they should be looking for and what to avoid when shopping for a taxidermist to handle their trophy,
they should also be told that price does not mean quality, just because some one charges top dollar doesnt mean they are good nor does it mean that if someone charges bargain prices and works out of their home that they are good either
a smart customer does shop and a smart customer will go to the best in their area regardless of price...remember.. you get what you pay for...keep the quality and pricing up on top and you cant go wrong.


Cur, are you the same?

This response submitted by Mike on 3/10/02. ( )

Cur, You just did exactly what you are complaining about by putting down his work! I don't think he did anything wrong! He did not name who mounted the fish, he just showed flaws in taxidermy work! If he would have named who mounted them then that would have been wrong! I have a number of competitors mounts in my shop that clients have brought me to FIX! I hang a sign by them that says you can have someone else mount your fish! I do not name who did the work. It shows them the difference in quality! You can explain things with words and they don't think it is that big of a deal. You show them how it looks, and they get the picture!

Well Mike,

This response submitted by CUR on 3/10/02. ( )

You don't get my drift, do you? When one indulges in the crafts or the arts, the product is an extension of self. If you want to sell cars, you may want to compare the features of one against another to gain an edge. That selling method is fine for some items, but not for a product from the heart and mind. Taxidermy should not be a cut-throat business where one feels the need to better another to promote an end product. Perhaps is is all this silly competition talk and the constant struggle to win a ribbon, or the trumped up conditions the score sheets use to split hairs, but whatever the reason, a man's work should speak for itself - without having to compare it to the work of another.

Are you naive enough to believe the public doesn't know the difference between good and bad work? Is there an inate paranoia or insecurity that keeps us from just saying, "Here is my work! This is my price!", without fear of rejection? Do we have to offer up comparison works from times past or what we consider to be poor quality just to justify selling our own?

I have been in this business for nearly five decades. The blow-hards who never tire of telling why their work is better than another's seldom make it in this field for long. Did you ever consider the fact that each customer you win over with the better quality argument is a lost customer as soon as someone better than yourself comes along? Believe you me, someone better always comes along, and when they do, a customer that was gained with the "better than him" argument is going to apply the wisdom you gave and abandon your shop for the newer and better taxidermist.

Have the courage to stand on your work without having to ridicule or belittle the works of others. There is no need to do that. Turn-around speed and keeping your word is just as important as the quality of your work. I have never felt the need to make those ridiculous comparisons, and know of no true professional who does.

Finally, Mike, I did not do as I said not. I pointed out two facts, the first being that the work quality was not the "best" and that the owner of that site wouldn't like it much if someone else did that to him. If it is all right with you to gain at the expense of others, you are not of the fiber that makes men. This silly comparison game is for children and Yugo salesmen. There is no room in a professional field for that kind of crap.

What expense of others?

This response submitted by Mike on 3/11/02. ( )


I bet the designers of those cars may not agree with your opinion that it is not from the heart or reflection of one self! They take pride in their work too! You are missing the point! He is not pointing the finger at anyone! Who has he attacked? At who's expense? There are a lot of people that do not know the difference! Are you that NIEVE?


This response submitted by Mike on 3/11/02. ( )


I just reread your post at the top. You are amazing! What do you mean someone of your ability? Could you please explain?

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