Applying for a taxidermy liscense

Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 3/9/02. ( )

Hi all, I have an important question involving taxidermy liscenses. I want to get a liscense as soon as possible... I just found out recently that I should not sell mounts without a liscense (and I've been selling squirrels on Ebay!). So I'm not going to sell anything else until I get my liscense.

The NC fish and wildlife website has an application you can print out and mail in, with $10, to get you liscense. I'm ready to do that, except at the bottom it says "LIST PICK UP STATION(S) TO BE UTILIZED UNDER THE TAXIDERMY LICENSE", and gives three blanks. What are pick up station(s)? I have no idea!

Also, how will I know when I'm liscenced? Do they send you a liscense you can physically hold, or do you just say "I paid, so I'm liscensed", or what?

Amy Ritchie

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Pick up stations

This response submitted by Len on 3/9/02. ( )

Hi Amy, If you have another place or business where people can drop off their animals/ fish etc. for mounting, those are pick up stations. People will use sporting good stores, bait shops, etc. as a pick up station.The person operating the business at your pick up point checks the species in and fills out the paper work. You just go there and pick up everything and take it back to your studio.
In Wisconsin we get a paper license that you carry with you. I don't know about NC. Each state has different laws on doing things, so read up on them. Good luck.

Same Question, Different State- KY

This response submitted by Patrick on 3/9/02. ( )

I, too, have been trying to locate info on this topic. I live in KY and haven't been able to get this answered- at least not via the internet. Apparently the KY Taxidermist Association does not have a web site. I didn't find anything on the KDFW site. Does any body know what the requirements, etc. are? I live in Northern KY. Is there someplace close that I can apply? Thanks, Patrick


This response submitted by Amy Ritchie on 3/9/02. ( )

Could a pick up station be your home address? I mean, right now I'm not really going into a business. I just want a liscence so that I can feel safe to sell mounts over Ebay, etc. And sometimes friends want me to mount small animals and they bring them to me.. at my house!

KY Association

This response submitted by Bill on 3/9/02. ( )

You can get info on KY @Kentucky Kentucky Association of Taxidermists
President: Doug Hoover, 2611 85 West, Centertown, KY 42328. Phone: (270) 232-4421


This response submitted by michael sestak on 3/9/02. ( )

if you do not have friends or customers dropping items off to be mounted at a different location other than your home. just list your home address, you can just put a N/A in the blanks for the pick up station addresses (not applicable) and include a little letter telling them that you are only working out of your residence.
you will also need to keep a record of the mounts that you do, each state is different as to what they require...ask about this also when you apply and do not sell or mount anything else until you get that license.
here in pennsylvania, you need a license to mount anything for someone other than yourself, the license costs 100.00 a year and you have to take a test to get it.
this test is a written test, a hands on demonstration test and you have to bring a lot of your mounts with you to have them examined for quality.
it is also illegal in pennsylvania to have someone GIVE you something to mount and you GIVE it back to them after mounting it. if you do not have a license.


Patrick Here is the KDFW general info #

This response submitted by Randy C on 3/10/02. ( )

General Info help lines here in KY is (800) 858-1549
I Live in Ky and done some sercing a couple months back. On the KDFW web site there is all the laws pertaining to game taking and handaling furs. I called the department because they listed comercial and noncomercial taxidermy license. I mentioned this to the officer because I didnt want to go to the poky for mounting my specimens. The officer told me he never heard of a noncomercial license. I gave him the KRS# Anyway he told me he never heard of such. He told me that in Kentucky you can mount Deer or fubearers for yourself. you can also mount your freinds deer or small game. they can even pay for the material. YOU CANNOT CHARGE LABOR!. Now far as the migratory birds You had better call the dept and find out . I didnt ask because right now I am not interested in the waterfowl. Now the question on Ebay and selling mounts check out
Or call the dept. and find out. it is diferent from state to state but this is the laws for Kentucky 150.4111 Sale of legally taken wildlife.
(1) Any person may sell the inedible parts of any legally taken wildlife to a licensed
taxidermist for the purpose of mounting. A licensed taxidermist may buy or sell the
inedible parts of any legally taken wildlife for the purpose of mounting, except as
otherwise prohibited by federal law. Any person may purchase from or sell to a
licensed taxidermist any legally mounted specimen.
(2) Within ten (10) days after the end of each month, a licensed taxidermist shall send
to the department a report indicating the number and name of the wildlife of each
species which he purchased during the preceding month and the name and address
of the person from whom he purchased the wildlife.
Effective: July 15, 1988
History: Created 1988 Ky. Acts ch. 141, sec. 1, effective July 15, 1988...

Hope this Helps Randy C


This response submitted by Warren on 3/10/02. ( )

North Carolina does send you a license. It must be displayed in your studio.Good Luck!


This response submitted by Patrick on 3/10/02. ( )

Thanks for the help, folks...Patrick

taxidermy license

This response submitted by peggy on 01/19/2003. ( )

can you get a taxidermy license on the internet and print it i live in kentucky i need to know.

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