Exhausting my shop

Submitted by LH on 3/9/02. ( coyote156@hotmail.com )

I figure it'll be at least a couple of weeks before I can afford to buy and erect that 36X48-foot climate-controlled shop/showroom that I know I need and which will allow me to leave the basement behind. I was thinking about this today as I listened to the wife grousing about the bondo fumes working their way through the entire house from altering forms in the basement shop. Anyway, I had an epiphony - what if I was to build an enclosure outdoors around one of the basement window wells and top it off with an attic exhaust fan that could be turned on when I'm working so as to create negative pressure in the basement to draw offensive odors out before they get into the rest of the house. Has anyone else ever done this? Does it screw up the central air which is in the basement like mine is? And is it worth the time and expense to do it?

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exhaust fans-good idea

This response submitted by CHUCK on 3/10/02. ( Chuckcnctaxi@aol.com )

Anytime you have fumes that could overcome a person or possibly ignite(furnaces and water heaters are good for this)I have a 6 x 12 room that I use for a paintroom.I use waterbased paint but over time the fumes can still do damage to your lungs.I installed a squirrel cage type fan in the outside wall and use it when I paint .I also installed a vent in the bottom of my room door so as the fan operates ,it not only pulls out the paint fumes but sucks in fresh air from the shop. An attic fan would be a better idea and can be found at Menards for as little as $25 -wiring and switches ,boxes and other necessary items round out your bill to maybe $50 .If you are not sure of yourself working on electrical circuits ,call a licensed electrician. So is it worth it? yes ! You wife won't complain about the stink either so its REALLY worth it.

explosion proof

This response submitted by JEM on 3/11/02. ( )

Some solvents and paints would require an explosion proof fan or you could have a BIG problem.

Good point

This response submitted by LH on 3/11/02. ( )

If you thought she got mad about the fumes, blow the whole danged house off the foundation and see what she does! Hold it, that might just be an idea. Gotta go!

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