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I just wanted to comment on a couple of things stated in the thread mentioned above.
First, if the camparisons are made and there is NO reference to or way given to identify who did them, then what is the harm?
Second, why don't ya'll that want to make these comparisons use your "earlier works"? If your current stuff is so much better, then avoid this whole issue and ya' still don't have to tell who did it.
Finally, (and I am not attacking ANYONE personally) you old timers are fooling yourselves if you think that a large percentage of your clients know what to look for as far as a good or bad mount. Regular clients, yes. Joe Blow off the street...NO WAY!
I have been deer hunting religiously since I was 9 (22 yrs) and when I was a teenager, my father and I stopped using a local taxidermist, that I know, is still very good. He was having personal problems and his quality went down. We had no idea what it was we didn't like. We just didn't like it. As far as specifics...NO WAY.
My brogther in-law has a very nice buck. Probably in the 130's or more. I looked the mount over and pointed out a few BASIC flaws I saw with it from what I have studied and from what YOU ALL have taught me (this was a couple years ago when I first started studying). He thought he got a good deal and from that day forward has been irritated about it. I have seen more of this persons work that my other friends have and it is more of the same. Everybody I know that wants to and does use this person is because it is cheap.
A very good friend of mine killed one that he just got final scored in the high 150's (Net). He was going to go to this person until I told him a few things to look for. He looked at some of the work and decided to go to the one I recommended. AT over a $100 dollars more!
This buck grossed around 180, he deserves to be mounted by a person that does quality work (I had never even held a rack that big until he killed this one). I have had 2 mounted by this guy and he does good work.

I work daily on communication products, mainly telephones. You would not believe some of the STUPIDITY of the average consumer. We get letters back with people complaining of simple problems that either one of my 4 year olds could figure out. Maybe even my 2 yr old could figure out how to put the battery in a cordless phone!

Your average client has no idea what is good and what is bad. If the average person did, then the "hax" that ya'll talk about sometimes would go out of business. There is a guy that advertises down in my area that he does shoulder mounts for $200. I haven't seen his work at all but no one is going to convince me that the work is top notch. I have been told he just likes to do it and it is just a hobby. A deer processor I went to High School with said he was told the guy does around 100 or more a year. No one in their right mind is going to put that much time into a "HOBBY" and only make peanuts off of it.
A quality tax mount is not elementary. People have to be told what is good and what is bad when it comes to details. I see that in my friends all the time. All of which have been hunting for 20+yrs.
And CUR, when I get to doing this as my business (hopefully full time some day) and I show someone some things to look for in a quality mount, then later lose them because they found someone that they say is better than me. That tells me one thing...I NEED TO GET BETTER!...PERIOD

God Bless ya'll,
Duran Kincaid

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Duran, dont kid YOURSELF

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For the most part, your post is accurate. But there IS harm done when comparisons are made that way, whether you know the guy who did the work or not. SOMEONE did, and it wasnt the guy doing the comparing. Even the public that you feel shows their "stupidity" where you work, can still see this. As for the average Joe not knowing the difference, you underestimate many of them. Why would they bring work to the higher priced, slower guy, if they dont see any difference from the guy with the lowest prices and 24 hour service? Simple, he WANTS the lesser price, or the fast return, etc, and is willing to trade off for it. Most people learn quite a lot by the time they pick up that first mount. You may be wise to not underestimate them...I dont!

Why ?

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Why do so many people take their fish to the higher priced slower guy that does terrible work? I see it all the time! I have a guy that charges more then me that uses the fill method and skin heads on trout! He uses water color paints! They look like fish mounted in the 50's! So why does he have clients?

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