Looking to sell taxidermy business

Submitted by Chuck on 3/11/02. ( )

I was wondeering if anyone could help me. I want to sell all remaining work from my shop to another taxidermist. No property or building just the mounts to be completed. can I do this and do I have to notify all of my customers prior to this? Or can it just be handled and a notice sent to everyone? Thanks for the help. Chuck

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how much work

This response submitted by mark on 3/11/02. ( mnmstuffit@aol.com )

e mail me direct, lets talk.


This response submitted by Tom on 3/11/02. ( )

Seems to me that common courtesy would dictate that you notify the customers that you are planning to do this. If they agree - ok. But give them the opportunity to come pick up the specimans if they so desire. I'm not in the legal business so I wouldn't know if its ok from that standpoint.

contact me

This response submitted by Brian on 3/11/02. ( quail@itctel.com )

Interested... e-mail me

interested also

This response submitted by lee on 3/11/02. ( fletcher@elltel.net )

where are you located at? e-mail me.

how would you feel!

This response submitted by kiwi on 3/12/02. ( )

How would you feel if you left a mount with someone and 6 months down the track a total stranger calls you and said i have your mount done you owe me X$ amount for it come and get it, then when he gets there its not what he wanted you will have problums if that happens.

my thougths are ph your clients dont put it in a notice make sure you talk to them they migth not get your letter and tell them what you are doing as they have given you! the work because of your taxidermy not the guy down the road.

should you sell it what happens IF
the new taxidermist dosent do it for a long time?
the new taxidermist damage some of the specimans?canit replace them whos this going to fall back on?
and so on dont want to be here all day

Just call your clients tell them you want to pass it on, is the best way

Kiwi's O/P

Art is 100% correct, call em

This response submitted by JEM on 3/12/02. ( )

Call them and give them the option. They selected you for a reason. Perhaps the reason was strickly cost or convience, perhaps not. Let them decide. If they choose not to let the new guy finish the work then charge them a fair amount for the work you have done, give them their stuff back, appoligize and wish them luck. You may well need those customers again be it for taxidermy, a job interview, a personal friend, heck someday you may even be family (your kid marries their kid). Call em and talk.

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