The NTA: is it money or numbers?

Submitted by Frank on 3/11/02. ( )

Is all of this about Money? Or is it about getting more members?
After reading all of this stuff about the NTA I wonder what is more important. Obviously more members mean more money,but,what is more important to the NTA? You see I could care less about there scoring sheets and the award of excellence.That does nothing for me...if it so important to you then good for you.Like some one else stated there has to be some other reason for the negativity about this all or nothing membership. Could it be the cost of being a NTA member? Maybe... Could it be how the issue is "forced"? possibly...

How about this...have different levels of membership. This way if a member wants to use "all" the items that the NTA provides,that person would be a gold member. You could then have other levels of membership.The dues would reflect the level you choose. This way we would all be the levels "we" deem fit and the NTA would have a much larger voice in matters that effect all of us.

This method would allow the member to choose, which I feel is one of the parts lacking in there cause. The other would be the cost factor wich I feel is another concern that some do not want to address, but its there. Lets face it.. not everyone competes, why should everyone have to pay for it? But on the same page we do need to be united...
With different membership levels you could provide a more attractive reason to join with the much needed benefit of power with numbers.

Lastly, I have to mention all the folks that give there "free time" for this cause, wether at the state level or national, I thank you.

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This response submitted by George on 3/11/02. ( )

Frank, in my PERSONAL OPINION, it's neither. It's to provide a unified front of individuals dedicated to the same proposition. Obviously money and numbers tend to compliment each other, but having members willing to work and work hard for a common cause can't be done with more who do less or with more who expect to pay someone else to do their jobs. You suggestion comes about 2 years too late and it WAS suggested previously but received a very cool response from the membership.

I would ask you "WHO" would be responsible for recording those that believe, those that want to believe, and those who might like to believe in order. Such record keeping would negate any monetary imbursement. I have to question your personal intent. If you AREN'T interested in the visual awards possible by membership, what part of the intrinsic benefits would be attractive to you? An NTA member who doesn't compete, LIKE ME, gets an inordinate amount of pleasure and knowledge out of attending the convention because of the seminars, suppliers, and seeing the artistry being preformed throughtout the industry. The shows do COST and require that SOMEONE pay the bills.

Now that's my PERSONAL reply to your question. For the official NTA stance, I'd suggest you visit our website.

Maybe it's pride

This response submitted by BobB on 3/11/02. ( )


While money and the $50 membership are certainly players here, maybe the problem lies with pride. Despite a backlash to the mandate, the NTA board has previously chosen to keep one path.

Many compromises have been suggested, but they stand pat in only wanting new members at the $50 level. I guess we all need to make up our own mind about why.


This response submitted by George on 3/11/02. ( )

Since when are YOU wanting to be considered a part of ANY solution Bob. You're too busy posting opinions of something you have absolutely no knowledge. You already know what opinions are like. Amd we only hear your dog and pony stories on this issue. The only backlash I've seen is your lost in the sauce mentality.


This response submitted by Nancy M. on 3/11/02. ( )

I am really getting tired of this topic!
If the 100% mandate is SO horrible to you, DON'T JOIN! What's so hard about that?
To be honest, I'm not too crazy about it, but I'm still a member and I intend to remain one. If something better comes along I might reconsider, but for now I think it's a valuable investment. And it has been for about 19 years or so.
All are welcome to agree or disagree. It's OK, really.

Nancy M.

I Am Not An NTA Member.......

This response submitted by Old Fart on 3/11/02. ( )

......but it has nothing to do with the mandate. Back before any of the current Board or officers were involved, there was a lot of membership money spent, very unwisely and definitely not for the benefit of the membership. I hope that the current leadership turns around the organization and I can see some benefit to the members, then I will rejoin. I have talked to George and I know that he is working hard to see that the membership gets their money's worth.

I used to be a very strong supporter of the NTA and at the time I was able to recrute a lot of our state membership into the NTA. The membership was used, betrayed and lied to(repeatedly) by the Executive Director and the Board at that time. Believe me, I am not the only one that feels that way. It has been a while, but it is hard to trust after some of the things that were done back then.

Do I agree with the mandate, absolutely NOT. I do admire George, the mandate was in place when he was elected to the Board and he is trying to work with it. Will it keep me from rejoining, when I see the membership benefitting from the NTA, absolutely not. If you are an NTA member, George needs your support and your input, if he is going to be successful. If you are not an NTA member, give him a break ans stop your criticism. Give him a chance to make the NTA work for the current membership and make it something we want to join.

George, if it helps.....

This response submitted by BobB on 3/11/02. ( )

you can dump on me all you want.

If on the other hand you ever want to discuss the issue like adults, you know how to contact me.

Either way, I wish you well.

Kinda with Nancy..but

This response submitted by Don on 3/11/02. ( )

Neither for nor against the NTA at this time, but not a memeber, but used to be (10years ago). Can someone factually state just what battles has the NTA won and what political clout and/or agenda do they actually have. It can't be just about 100% membership...or is it. Is there a NTA lobby? (you can disregard things like the insurance and membership perks) I want someone to tell me what have they accomplished in the past 10, 5 or 1 year, for the good of ALL TAXIDERMIST, especially the membership. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS THROWING STONES AT GLASS HOUSES...and yes I am shouting! Not trying to stir the pot more..just flat curious.

And The Acid Flows

This response submitted by CRL on 3/13/02. ( )

I have read and re-read the acidic and inflamatory exchanges between individuals such as that contained in some of the above communication. In my personal view, the decision to join is just that, personal - you join or you don't. If you are put off by the policies, procedures, manner, politics, benefits and etc. - then do not join. If your membership is important to the organization seeking your participation, it is their obligation to persuade you to participate. If they afre successful, you join. If they are not you don't. Over time, the organization will either prosper or fail if their lively hood is dependent on membership. A person can join an organization or not join an organization for any reason he chooses - whether his beliefs are true, false, fabricated or whatever is irrevelant. When persons of strong opinion start esculating and imflamming each other on this type of forum, it is my belief that only the organization suffers. Anyone can find something they do not like about anything. Calling them wrong, ignorant, uninformed and so forth historically has not been an effective marketing tool - it suggests that the core is not confident. There should not be a reason to be confrontational to share factual information. Inagine if the energy to compose responses such as some of the above were directed in a constructive direction. I do not see anything constructive about some of the above exchange and feel it damages the NTA image to those on the fence deciding if they should join. While I am at it, I have been and remain a member of the NTA and am disappointed at the public display and personal attacks some of the commentary above suggests. Why not be positive and work toward the mission and purpose of the NTA. If others want to take shots, so be it. If they do not want to join - it is their choice. The agency skin and the skin of the officers and needs to thicken.

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