A"Thank you" to the N.Dakota Taxidermy Association!

Submitted by Dave B. on 3/12/02. ( dave.belanger@cabelas.com )

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone at the N.Dakota Taxidermy Association for a wonderfull time at your convention over this past weekend.I was representing the Van Dyke's Supply Company and you were all very kind to myself and my family during our stay, especially those that took my 5 yearr old daughter under their wings.
You have a wonderfull Orginization and we're looking forward to seeing you all again next year in Bismark.
You certainly have very talented artists in your state as the display of mounts were wonderfull.

Again, thank you all for your hospitality. You certainly made it all worth the trip out.Now, I'm off to Michigan in the morning and from there, to the Illinois show.

Have a great day,
Dave B.

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