Dremel 395 Question

Submitted by Bill M on 3/13/02. ( wmansellAadelphia.net )

Has anyone noticed on the model 395 dremel that there is a type number. My problem is that I had and have a type 3 that I have used for years. I bought another a couple years ago that looked the same but it died on me within a month. (type 5). Walmart replaced it with another type 5 which died within a month. They then replaced that with another type 5 which I use very little for non-demanding jobs. My question is has anyone else experienced similar problems and does anyone know where you can get the type 3 or have they replaced all model 395's with the type 5? A friend says he has a type 4.

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Buy a Foredom Tool

This response submitted by CUR on 3/13/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

Spring for a Foredom tool with a foot control and a snap exchange chuck adapter. It is worth it's weight in gold, and will outlast dozens of dremel tools. One of the biggest problems with Dremel tools is that taxidermists do a lot of grinding on plastics and co-polymers and other thermally reactive materials. The dust gets into the motor and fries the thing. The flex shaft Foredom tool sremotes the motor from the head, eliminating this problem.

The little cordless dremel is all I need to work when I am out of reach of the Foredom. I do have dremels set up as mini drill presses and routers for apparent reasons, but give me the Foredom any day. Mine gets used every day and is around 15 years old. It has gone through several shafts and brushes and other replaceable parts, but it has taken a licking and is still ticking. It has more torque and bigger jaws to hold a range of tools that are too big for the dremel. No collet changing either. I could go on, but I won't.


This response submitted by Tony on 3/16/02. ( birdman41301@yahoo.com )

I use a foredom at work, I machine all the aluminum Oil housings for the New 4-wheel drive mini van I de-burr 70 parts a day and thats 5 days a week not counting 2 shifts. We have been doing this for 2 years vwith the foredom with zero problems! I have a dremol at home, When it dies I will get a Foredom! This tool has seen more punishment and zero maint. with no problems. We don't even oil it. Thats just my 2 cents! Tony

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