After reading more in one post than I could ever imagine

Submitted by John C on 3/14/02. ( )

I ask, how can anyone spend so much time doing a show piece?

I have to know this, I seem to run out of things to do to them. I need more info.

Yes the moose and wolves at the last World Show, I totally understand the hours on that. But to put so much time as I hear people speak of on a mount many times. I have to know what the hell they are doing?

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JC, not YOU?

This response submitted by George on 3/14/02. ( )

LMAO. Do you know how many deer I can do in the 100 hours some guys spend on one damned duck? But them I'm a production taxidermist, so what do I know?

I guess I dont have the drive to be a World Champion.

This response submitted by John C on 3/14/02. ( )

I agree George, I do like to compete once in a while. But have learned to set back enjoy life, dont worry about the ribbons color.

By doing so I feel I have become one of the better fish taxi. in my state, but it would not mater which state I lived in, I would work until I reached the same level comparitivly.

I have somewhat drifted away from normal commercial taxidermy. Been lucky that a clientel has followed, somewhat lucky.

What do they do for so long?It just befuddles me how one can put that amount of time into a mount thats only one smaller critter.

Bill Holdens fish aside, I beleive that the mount is the best darn Largemouth I ever saw mounted. That frog (or a grog for Cur) aint bad either. I

I can also see where David Campbell for Washington spend a goodly mount of time.

Now I ponder a question, this had bugged me for years.

"Why is it most judges knock points of for ticks still on the deer? Maybe shrinkage on the ticks, but not for the ticks being there."

The ticks are not ...

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 3/15/02. ( )

symetrically placed LOL!

To each his own

This response submitted by Kenneth on 3/15/02. ( )

Everyone has different goals. All the hours mean nothing when you reach your goal. Just ask Bill, he is still bouncing around and smiling.
John, the OKTA's North American Champion is Bill Newman from Holdenville. I can see where you were tongue tied. An I can honestly say, he may be the best Largemouth Bass man I know.

I was close.

This response submitted by John C on 3/15/02. ( )

Bill's bass is the best, I have seen. Simon's fish is the best mount I have ever seen. Beside the fact those are very hard to skin, scales are thin and curl, nearly impossible to skin, much worse than a crappie or grayling.

I keep hearing great thing about OKTA's and the weekend seminars you guys have.


This response submitted by Grouseman on 3/15/02. ( )

It all depends on ones personal Goal. If someone just would like to find out what they need to improve on they will not have the time invested as someone that is going for the WASCO award, Best of show, Ect.,Ect., Ect. It also depends on the base. Simple or extravagent. I know guys that can mount a bird in 4-5 hours and take best of catagory in the Masters Div. and do just a simple customer style base. If you do a diorama with ice cycles, running water, Artificial rock, snow, Etc. Well that takes up time also!

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