Arent conventions open to the public?

Submitted by Craig on 3/16/02. ( Craig Johnston )

Arent these conventions open to the public? I called about information on an upcoming convention & was told that I would first have to buy a taxidermy liscence, then join their state organization & the nta before I could attend. Right now I have quite an interest in taxidermy & would like to come look, talk to those doing it now, and get some idea's. I am starting to get the impression that those in the taxidermy industry does not want any more people to compete against & would rather not see new faces.

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This response submitted by mark v.l. on 3/16/02. ( )

just a few things to note, first it coast money to hold a convention hotel judges set up back boards etc. not to mention hours on the phone the year before trying to make it all happen. the behind the seens is nothing short of all work, but in the end it is a learning,fun time and yes meeting new faces... its a great time so if you want to see join it will be well worth it.. and you will see why you cant get in for free. you cant drive a new car for a few days before you buy it? good luck hope to see you at a show mark


This response submitted by mark on 3/16/02. ( )

dont mind the spelling just tired lol

just charge addmission

This response submitted by m on 3/16/02. ( )

If the convention charges addmission to the attendants, what's the problem? Charge non-members a little more. Seems fair to me. Do the membership fees for state taxidermy orgs and the NTA go to pay for these conventions? If yes, then I understand them not allowing non-members...but if not, then why the arian mentality? Just charge non-members...hell, it might even drum up new members.

Here We go again.

This response submitted by George on 3/16/02. ( )

IF you want to COMPETE in the NTA Nationals, you must be an NTA member and pay your entry and registration fees. If you want to ATTEND AN NTA SPONSORED SEMINAR, you must be an NTA member and pay your registration fees. IN THE PAST, and that's with capital letters, individuals off the street have been allowed to enter the competition area ONLY for a nominal admission fee. This allows you now place else within the show. No suppliers area, no seminar area, no auction, nothing other than the SHOW AREA.

Craig, many of us don't compete, but the annual membership allows one of those dreaded benefits our detractors ridicule: to go into the show, attend the seminars of our choice, and visit all areas within the show. You will learn more in just a day or two (if you elect not to spend the whole week there) than you would have in years on your own. This year alone, we have 48 seminars hosted by some of this industry's finest practitioners. Click on the Blue highlighted "NTA" above for further details.

If you really want

This response submitted by Harold on 3/17/02. ( )

to get into it, what better way than to join? If your are serious I mean. I understand where you are coming from, I think I may have thought similarly at one time. I did join and have been ever since.

learn the whole story

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/17/02. ( )

Unfortunatly, some folks dont know the whole story. A show HAS to make money to survive. That money comes from participation. You cant have the public (or non-paying taxidermist) walk in without paying for the day or weekend, and then go hang out with the suppliers. All the other taxidermists who paid their dues for that priveledge understand how the system goes. Im saying this from the standpoint that many of you mean well, but have never been a board member and helped run one of these shows. same with that last long thread about competitions. Try judging about three years worth or so before you can really see the biggest picture. I know, many of you cant. Thats why I hope you might trust our word, WE HAVE! Craig, please do join a state association and enjoy yourself. You ARE welcome to these shows, trust me!

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