don't understand what george does for a job

Submitted by Nick on 3/17/02. ( )

I figure if george can write a comment on every single post i can ask why? does he work for a living (is he paid by someone or group to write posts on the forum?) i don't under stand in stead of reading his next post go see how many times he is listed for making comments. i think it is great that people post things to help and answer there questions.

BUT he think he know everything and does't relize that if he was open minded he might learn somthing ( but god forbid some one would teach him somthing)

perfect example paul from pa gave him a sugg. and whats the first thing he does take it the wrong was and get deffencive. if you go read what paul wrote george! you might really learn somthing or mabye help bring are org. together.

i would love to hear what he (george does for work or if he is really paid to post on here) and i thank everyone that at least trys to post soultions and try to compramies to birng everyone together. mabye when people stop taking everything personal but still serious be able to make a org. that is for real.

#note hey paul thanks for standing up for pa and other states and being educated on the facts.

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Good Question

This response submitted by George on 3/17/02. ( )

You see Ken has this deal where I get paid $10 for every post I put on here and as I am already independently wealthy from the massive retirement package I get from serving in the Air Force for 30 years, I sell pork futures on the New York Stock Exchange for fun money.

see what i mean

This response submitted by nick on 3/17/02. ( )

all ready the first post ! you know if you would spen one ten of the time you spen writing posts. on helping find a way that we could all come together and for a great org. man pa and other states might take you serious. I am glad your retired but you an't gotta act like a old fart.
good day

Poor George.......

This response submitted by kenneth on 3/17/02. ( )

Nick, I wondered similar thoughts when George started posting years ago, but George is really a pretty good guy. Since then I have met him, read his postimgs, and e-mail back and forth with him. He may get a little tacky once in a while, may be cantankerous or even grouchy, may say some touchy words, may use a few old methods or may even piss a few people off. But let me say this, George has a heart the size of an Texas (even though he is from Delaware). He is truly concerned with taxidermists and the taxidermy industry. I like the idea of having George on the NTA board. I know he will not just "agree" on everything. He will ask questions and make people ask questions. I would bet George would help you out 24 / 7, any time you need it. Just don't call him in the early a.m., he gets more grouchy and cantankerous. Thanks George, for your concerns for our industry.

now you complain?

This response submitted by brice on 3/17/02. ( )

first you ask what george does for a living and then you start bitching because he was the first answer? and when you thank the people who "at least try to post solutions" then i guess you are thanking george too......right? after all, he does post more suggestions than anyone else on here. so i guess if you thanked people according to the amount of help they give then you would be sucking on georges toes. (if he likes those kinds of things).

if you already have a better method to solve a problem you see posted on here, then freaking post it. maybe georges method isnt the best but at least he puts it up there for consideration. if you dont like the way he states things then ignore it.

and who cares how much time he spends on here. is he working for you? i bet he has been in business long enought to know how to manage his time.

dont criticize george for making negative comments on here. afterall, look at the top of this thread and read your post over. can you make remarks like that and still pound george for doing it.

something to consider

This response submitted by Roger on 3/17/02. ( )

Nick - are you by any chance a Democrat? Regardless, there are times when you must experience reality, if by means of osmosis, if no other way. Consider this. If you want real answers or solutions to questions and problems, wouldn't you be wise to be thankful that someone as experienced as George is also generous with his time and vast experience? Wake up and use the incredible opportunity to gain knowledge from someone who offers the benefits of his experience so freely. Don't let a fragile ego block the view...

You guys have all been fooled

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 3/17/02. ( )

You guys think George is mean and cantankerous, but he is just testing you. You see he isn't really a taxidermist he is secretly a billionaire and he gives large sum's of money to taxidermist that agree with him, because he knows how hard it is to make a living doing taxidermy. So if you just read and try to listen you may be the recipient of his next big award. Heck he already sent me a bundle, and that's the truth, but you didn't hear it from me. The people that don't bicar all the time get even more money, so try to be nice.

George for president !

This response submitted by gill on 3/17/02. ( )

George send my bundle too..... you alredy have my address.

George Is A God Send!

This response submitted by on 3/17/02. ( )

I've been in taxidermy off and on since the mid 70's. I'm "still" learning
and often need advise on various things. George has been a wonderful
contact and I've emailed him numerous times in private with questions. He has always
come back with a professional answer and something I needed or a
good suggestion.

Does he know all the answers, no! Who does! But he is a wonderful
source of experience, information and tips.

Nick, I would suggest you lose the ego or whatever it is that
made you post your comment and listen to the man if you have
a question. He has alot to give for anyone wants to learn
something new.


Yes, I left my Email Address

This response submitted by Dan on 3/17/02. ( )

I forgot to add, that yes I'll leave my email address when I
make a comment on this forum.


Kudos for George.

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 3/17/02. ( )

I, for one, don't have a problem with George's occasional "attitude." So what? You know where he stands, and you know where you stand with him. Some people just have to push it, and that is their loss.
Even on those RARE occasions when I don't totally agree with him, I still respect what he has to offer.
I guess the forums would be pretty boring without him keeping things stirred up, eh?

Nancy M.


This response submitted by JL on 3/17/02. ( )

....I dont know what your problem is here, or why you responded to something that wasn't really meant for you in the first place.But you have George all wrong. He has probably forgotten more about taxidermy than you will ever learn and has freely helped a lot of people here.I noticed that his response to you was very short and pointed, since it is very difficult to argue with someone you have to educate first.I sincerely take offense with anyone who treats one of my taxidermist friends in the manner which you just did, even from a person who qualifies as the Village Idiot as you do.I sincerely hope that someday you will become as proficient in taxidermy as George Roof has so you can be treated the same way by someone from your gene pool. Good luck....JL


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/17/02. ( )

George is OK, guys. I have to laugh at how narrow minded some of you are, though. Green with envy as well. How many times have I had to listen to how folks "cant spend the time to do those big competition pieces" or "how come YOU are always in the forums" or the like. They can, you cant...period! Does that make it wrong? Does criticizing them for being able to make you feel better for the reasons you cant? Thats what half of these posts really are about. I laugh when someone says that to me. Theyll say "Bill, every time I go to that site, you are there, too. Man, you are ALWAYS in there..." Geez, wouldnt that mean THEY are too? George, you ARE an old cantankerous bastard, but thats what we love about you. I EXPECT you to be biased concerning the NTA. I WANT you to be. When folks want to be coddled and pampered about a subject, they ask for this , and get it. Then George will come by and give them an unwanted dose of candor or reality. No, they dont wanna hear it, but they get it anyway. Sorta like when you fall and skin your knee, and run to mamma, because shes soothing. But once in awhile, you get DAD instead, and he just looks at you and says it doesnt hurt THAT bad, now stand back up and stop snivveling. We ALL need that sometimes, and THANKS George, for being one of us who does this. Theyll thank you sooner or later, just like Dan has...


This response submitted by Gary on 3/18/02. ( )

Nick, George even has time for Grammar, spelling and time to proof read his messages.
I think if you want to be taken seriously, you should take the time to do the same!
As for George's advice, more times than not it is usually right on the money,
but if you or I do not want to use his method or suggestion it might make us think of our own solution.
That is the purpose of this forum, right ?

As for his NTA political opinions this is America and he has every right to voice them.

Also if you can't spell like me, try cutting and pasting your message into an e-mail then use spell check


who cares what hes does!

This response submitted by kiwi on 3/18/02. ( )

who realy cares what he does for a living and what concern is it of yours anyway! nick
just be thankful for what he does here on the forums I say! so I think you should get yourself a life and not worry about what George does.
I read the forums every day to and i dont see you doing positve things here nick! but shure as hell see that George is! ok so he dosent get it rigth all the time hell! if we where all dam! perfect our name would be nick! now before you take this as a dig at you I know neather of you but have seen what George has been doing for the forums here and I say keep it up George! the more guys like you the better !

thats Kiwi's O/P anyway

George helps make the forums great!

This response submitted by Mark on 3/18/02. ( )

The only REALLY scarey thought here is if George tried to become "POLITCALLY CORRECT"......that even hurts to think about. George, stay the way you are!

Oh, and if you are indeed a billionaire, go ahead and spread it around a little on the's obvious there are some here that are "SO BROKE THEY CAN'T PAY ATTENTION!" LOL

Love ya man.....but you still can't have my Budweiser!

George creates passion

This response submitted by JEM on 3/18/02. ( )

Like him or not, like his style or not - he gets us all thinking. Look at his posting under taxidermy going the way of duck carving. Before you know it we hit 100k and filled the space. Some of the best teachers are those that make you so MAD that you just HAVE to prove them wrong. Guess what, in the process you DID YOUR BEST. I'll bet money that there are some people on here that come to the site just to read the controversy, and in the process pick up a tid-bit or two of good information. Nobody can get YOU mad unless YOU let them...


This response submitted by Hoop on 3/18/02. ( )

you need to have little "thicker skin" and "sense of humor." Leave your E-mail address and I will send you some tips.


This response submitted by Leanna on 3/18/02. ( )

We've all thrown you a stick, now will you go away?

And by the way, who in hell is George Roof? Never heard of him.

Love ya George!

George Roof

This response submitted by MarkV. on 3/18/02. ( )

I am thankful George and all the other top notch taxidermists who keep posting to all the threads of this forum. He always has great answers to All the threads. I have been reading and posting myself for about 4 years now and I can always count on George and all the other great informants of this site. I can say this site has been one of the best sources of information I have ever seen.There has been many times where I can't figure out something on my own and come in here and have many answers to problems that might take days or weeks for me to figure out on my own and not cost me a dime. I can't believe how someone could take this all for granted. Free information just for the asking from top notch taxidermists in the field! What a bargain! I can see where someone might get mad if a question has been asked day in and day out for years but why should someone have to answer to a beaten dog? I have never seen a post where George claims to know it all but I bet he knows more than the majority that frequent this site.If it wasn't for George promoting an excellent product line like Epogrip I might still have all my ears drumming on my whitetails. I read a post by George about epogrip and I tried it and have used it ever since. I first heard about some great skinning tools invented by Paul Borkowski and they are used everyday in our studio. I got opinions from people about the Autotanner from this site which is what made me want to get one and that has proven excellent. I first heard of Trueyes from Bill Yox on the chatline now I use them on all my whitetail mounts. My list goes on and on to the information obtained from all the great people I have talked to on this site and the chatline. I learn new products and techniques everyday on this site. Keep up the good work George and all who make this a great site. Mark

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