Vic Heincker's mammal series (that was through Buckeye)?

Submitted by trappersteph on 3/17/02. ( )

Well I got the new Buckeye catalogue,and noted what was said on an earlier post that the pro nose was gone in the catalogue.Well something else is missing too! What happened to the lifesize mammal forms?Can they be purchased still or did McKenzie totally ditch them?If they ditched them totally,who do you buy them from? They seem to be nice forms,I have the mink and 1 of the red foxes.If they are being sold by another company now ,who,and will the line expand at all?

While I'm griping here,let me gripe about the coyote rug form that was in the Presicion line before McKenzie bought them up.I liked that rug head alot and now its been ditched.

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welcome to the world of menopolies !

This response submitted by b bishop on 3/18/02. ( )

this is how it works , and they get to offer only what they want you to buy and it really bites. I stopped buying from them and went to Van Dykes, Noonkesters,Mears,Allred,Arkansas woods,Hide and Beak. You do have options and they speak louder than words. The only way to keep these folks from doing the same thing is to support them.

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