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Professional tools are for people that want to work for a living. Not for the people that just turn out a "few" mounts for competition or just a few mounts a year just so everyone will give them attention. Do you like the attention? Be honest and ask yourself this question.

Any tool that is designed for the professional taxidermist in which TIME and LABOR can be saved should be used if at all possible. If any professional taxidermist (not the wanna be glory grabbers) runs a professional FULL TIME SHOP and has a good volume of business, must use quality equipment (expensive or not so expensive) to get the job done. Freedom of choice. If you want one, buy it! If not, don't!
The true professionals (again, not the glory grabbers) know what I am talking about. Machines do save time, labor and of course will make you more money in the long run. The simple, "wanna be" non-professional taxidermist will not understand any of this.

Do you really practice taxidermy? Are you positive?

Now I understand that some of you will be offended by what I have just stated. Ask yourself, do you really run a FULL TIME TAXIDERMY SHOP? Are you realistic? Does it make sense to still use "backwoods" technology? Many of you complain about the cost of equipment. I agree that EVERYTHING is expensive. However if you people can afford your computers and all of the related equipment, how can you justify NOT buying the PROFESSIONAL TOOLS you really need for the true PRODUCERS and workers of our profession? Would you rather spend two hours a day fleshing or eight or ten or more? Use your brains and design, build, make and create what you need and of course throw in your own specific touch so it is CUSTOMIZED for YOU. If a "shaver" is what you really need, buy it and quit crying about the cost. If it is not what you need, don't buy it. USE YOUR OWN INVENTION.

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This response submitted by David M. on 3/18/02. ( )

Well Mr. Hardworking, you are right I am offended. Not by the topic of how beneficial a shaving machine would be in a shop, but your classification of a taxidermist. I didn't realize to be a REAL TAXIDERMIST you had to do it FULL TIME! I have a great job with good benefits and didn't want to give it up so I decided to run my shop on the side. So how does one get "the glory" by doing taxidermy? The only thing I get is customers who expect everything done in two weeks! I must be missing the whole point of taxidermy. I am an avid hunter with a very good business. My interest in taxidermy obviously started with the hunting and grew from there. Taxidermy is not for everyone and when most "experiment" they find it is much harder than what they planned. But, for those of us who have worked very hard to get where we are, may be certaninly offened by your classification of a taxidermist!


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Don't push so hard.


This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 3/18/02. ( )

I have a full time studio and you won't see one here! IMHO if you were a REAL full time studio you would save time and money sending your capes out to be tanned like I do. It makes no sense (or $$$) for me to be wasting time doing my own tanning when a COMPETENT professional tannery will do it faster AND better. My talents are too VALUABLE to be wasted on the tanning process. I make a HELL of a lot more mounting, painting and finishing. By the way....everyone but HARDWORKING can ignore my post. You run YOUR business the way YOU want to, I'll do mine the same. different strokes for different folks!


This response submitted by HardWorking on 3/19/02. ( )

We also send out all of our flat skins,rugs and large capes like moose to our tannery. We use our machines for all of our in house tanning.
Never gave a definition of a taxidermist. You have a lot of talent? Mighty BIG EGO TOO! How can your head fit through the doorways? Yes YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS ANYWAY YOU WANT.

Why are you so easily angered? Perhaps you should increase you medication. It is obvious you lack the ability and critical thinking skills needed to grasp the "overall big picture" of what I am talking about. I am sorry. I did not mean to wake you from your dream and push you into REALITY. After all, deflated egos can hurt. Can't thay?

Ok! I'll stop picking at you. Be nice! The whole idea is to get people to THINK about the BUSINESS of "BEING IN BUSINESS."

Keep the coffee on and perhaps we will talk over your birthday.....
Stay out of trouble and stop watching television!

You gotta love it.....

This response submitted by Mark on 3/19/02. ( )

Excuse me HardWorking......let me get this straight. If I have a job with benefits like a very nice salary, car, full health insurance, life insurance etc....that means that my four mounting stands which seem to never be without something screwed to them, (not to mention the 3 fish painting stands or the pheasants hanging from my shop ceiling) is all for not and the 120 hours per week put in my shop by myself, my wife, and three sons doesn't meet YOUR criteria for being either HARDWORKING or a True Taxidermist. Well, excuse the **** out of me, where in the hell does it say in the "Holier Than Thou, Self Righteous Manual" does it say that YOU lay down the criteria for who is and who isn't a taxidermist? Show me that page would ya?
By the way, I have a fleshing machine and a LOT of other tools, probably more than many, less than a few I'm sure but does that make me a better taxidermist? Does it give me the skills of George Roof or John C which they have learned over a lifetime? I think not! I've mounted many an animal, and have learned many things over the years... buying a tool doesn't make a taxidermist. Each animal, fish or bird I do in my shop has now become more of a challange than the one before because of the "artist" side of taxidermy I've learned from people like Bill "Cur" Gaither and Jan Van Hoesen, pushing me to do better each time. But I agree with Jim 100 percent, my time is valuable and happen to work with a GREAT tannery here in Michigan that allows my fleshing machine to be unplugged most of the time and gives me more time to put into each mount. By the way....I don't compete and if I did it wouldn't be for the ribbons or the "show", it would be that hopefully someone like Bill Yox, Rick Carter or John C could look at my work and let me know where I could do better.

So I've been long winded.....had one nerve and he hit it. I'll end this reply so that the true Taxidermists meeting his criteria can use the valuable space on this invaluable website.

Mark, the un-Taxidermist

Now what?

This response submitted by Greg on 3/19/02. ( )

Now what am I supposed to do? Me and my backwoods technology seem so insignificant. Tennis anyone?


This response submitted by Dave Toms on 3/19/02. ( )

Never heard that your tools define your professionalism? And hear I thought my work and attitude did that? Anyway, I do most of my own tanning and I do use a round knife. As for saving time by sending it off? Not sure, I probably spend an additional 1 to 2 hours per cape after dry salting to tan a cape. When I send it to the tannery I have to box them, log them, ship them, then wait and wait, then I have to check them in, inspect for damage, rehydrate, sew holes, thin the lips, nose and eyes...... I think if you ever really sit down and look at actual time frames, you will find that you have equal time invested in both. Except for shaving, tanning is static time that is done while you are doing other things. There are always pros and cons, but to insinuate that if you do not do your own tanning or if you do not own this tool or that tool you are unprofessional is in its self... UNPROFESSIONAL


Who are you hardworking?

This response submitted by Gerry on 3/19/02. ( )

When you go to the troble of writhing what you did, you should have the guts to identify yourself.

I would never have said it like you did in the first place and second I would have been affraid it would back fier on me. My reputation is to important.



This response submitted by Hard working on 3/19/02. ( )

Ok, ok! Why do you make everything so complicated? Listen and learn this last time. No one gave any definition of a full time taxidermist or even what a taxidermist is. The originial piece is suppose to get you to think. It did this did it not? Look how CERTAIN PEOPLE TOOK IT IN A PERSONAL --ATTACKING WAY. If you are professional, you would shrug it off and be done with it. But no, you will not. You can not learn unless you want to. Calm down and think about what was said. If anything was offensive to you perhaps there is SOME TRUTH in what was said as YOU APPLIED IT TO YOUR SELF. It is truely pointless to go on as some people have blinders on until a true reality check comes from within.
NEVER MENT TO OFFEND ANYONE. MAY GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU GOOD PEOPLE.---AFTER ALL, IT IS GOD's DECISION IF HE WANTS TO BLESS US OR NOT. I WON'T SAY "God bless you." As this would be a command to God. I would not do that! Does anyone truely understand what I have just said?

Anyway, don't want to overload anybody. Good luck in the future.

Please have a nice day...................

now there is a real taxidermist

This response submitted by JEM on 3/19/02. ( )

wasted a whole lot of time to say nothing! I believe the only intention was to get people PO'ed. Probably an anti.......


This response submitted by Leanna on 3/19/02. ( )

A hard working Chicken $hit.

Same old CRAP!

This response submitted by . on 3/19/02. ( . )

This same crap was on here a few days ago, just use what works for YOU!

Get a LIFE!

This response submitted by CUR on 3/19/02. ( )

Do you ever quit selling? Those little toys are not better than a good man with a beam and knife. They just gather dust in a lot of shops. Why don't you spend your dollar advertising like the rest of the manufacturers. Take that machine and shove it!

I don't get it..........

This response submitted by frank on 3/20/02. ( )

I talked to this "person" on the chat...and I find it hard to see his point but he is entitled too it. But if the guy sells these things I would tend to think his opinion would be more bias the anything else.

You don't have to be a business major to figure out that tanning is a whole sperate enity of this taxidermy biz. To me, and this is my "un biased" opinion a tanner and a taxidermist are two different people.The only benifit "I" see about in-shop tanning is better control on when the tanning is completed. BUT if you are doing a large enough volume you will never run out of a plie of tanned skins to work with.

I send out on the average 350 various capes a year.This would take two workers at 80 total hours a week ( 2 workers 40 hours a week =80)13 weeks to finish. That figures out to almost $13,000 in "just payroll". now figure out tanning supplies electric for the machine and tumbler, plus the cost of the space needed to do all this tanning...heck no wonder alot of taxidermists don't make enough money!
But wait the answer is just raise the price right? Folks if you are in taxidermy as a "real" full time need to look at things in a different light. Its all a choice, but for me simple math makes the decision real easy!1

why do you guys defend NOT having one?

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/21/02. ( )

I know what the obvious bitch is here about this post, but I ask "why the adamant support AGAINST a shaver? I have one, and I dont tan much stuff. I too see the obvious advantage of paying someone else whos much better than I to tan all or much of what I mount. But I can tell you that my then $800 investment has paid me back many times over, and isnt helping me in that "whomever dies with the most toys..." contest! I can count on part of one hand the number of guys I know who can SHAVE a cape as well as the average guy can with the machine! Hey, the damn things are nice to have around. Period. And you still can be a great as well as profitable taxidermist without one!

Oh No!

This response submitted by frank on 3/21/02. ( )

Look out ! here comes the forum patrol! Can't you see that people just
don't like things rammed down there throat Bill Yox.Every opinion is
not an attack on a supplier friend of yours.We still have the first
ammendment even on this free site!

dear frank

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/25/02. ( )

I see my point eluded you. Thanks for protecting the rest of those on the forum from evil me...

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