tell me whats the BEST paper mache

Submitted by Bill Yox on 3/19/02. ( )

Im looking for opinions on the best, or HARDEST paper mache. If you have used more then a few brands, or have looked for a strong solid brand for rock work, let me know, OK? Post it here, and Ill check on it now and then. Thanks!

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The Best is......

This response submitted by Cur on 3/20/02. ( )

The one that does the job you want it to do. There is no "Best" material. There is only the material for the job at hand. Paper mache is a child's medium. It is easy to make and there are hundreds of formulae available to make your own. Get off the brand bicycle and search the web for formulas and choose the one that best suits your needs. What on earth ever happened to human ingenuity?


This response submitted by Grouseman on 3/20/02. ( )

I like to use Master Mache'. If I am making artificial rocks I will mix it 1:1 with Hydrocal. It is a VERY hard plaster almost the density of concrete. I will also mix in sand, cork or ground up corn cob for grit and texture.
What are you using it for Bill? Feel free to E-mail me or call me at (218)993-2425.
Hope this helps! Grouseman

Yuk yuk

This response submitted by Cur on 3/20/02. ( )

Figured to get ya with the earlier post, Bill! There are a lot of mache' formulas that will suit your purpose. Personally, I am not an advocate of the stuff because is is fragile and subject to damage. The best stuff I have found for rocks is styrofoam or eps foam with a coating like styro-coat and paint. A single application of "styro-coat" will place a 55 mil coating on the foam which is sufficient to allow a large man to walk on the object without causing damage. It is much easier to apply than mache and three hundred years ahead of the old goop. Forming rocks and ledges from blocks of foam is simple and requires no armatures or screening. Wooden planks or plywood sections can be glued into the foam array for attachment purposes. EPS billets can be purchased up to 4' X 4' X 16' (that's feet and not inches) and maybe larger, depending on your area and supplier.

Styro-Coat is a product of Industrial Polymers of Houston, Inc. It is available only from them. They are on the web.


This response submitted by Bob C on 3/20/02. ( )

Haven't you ever used the mache from Bob's Taxidermy (in NY)? It dries rock hard, can be troweled,its very sticky and brown in color. Its by far the best I ever used. Bob C

For Bill

This response submitted by Larry R on 3/20/02. ( )

Bill here is the link I am not sure why someone wants to help but only gives half the information
You can also go to your local building supply and use other products over styrofoam like Drivit etc. they are all brand names but basecaly the same stuff they come in a 5 gal bucket that you can mix with portland II cement (the stuff masons use). Some of these products come in different colors and textures are are easy to paint. Let me know if you need any help with this I use to build and have some experance with these materials, in fact I have a brother who is a construction salesman who sells one of these brands and I can get you some litature if you need it.


Add Laytex Caulk

This response submitted by Old Fart on 3/20/02. ( )

This will not give you the tough surface that Cur's will, but it will help make the surface a bit more durable. Add it to whatever mache you are using after you have mixed in the water, it will slow the set-up time somewhat. Give it a try, the advantage is you don't have to order anything and you probably have a tube of cheap laytex caulk on hand.

Mr. Yox

This response submitted by Ken on 3/20/02. ( )

You've gotta try that Sallie Dahmes Mache from WASCO! It's smooth and creamy, hardens in less than an hour and you can drive a nail in it! Good stuff for habitat work AND mannikin alteration!

I love to make my own....

This response submitted by AL on 3/20/02. ( )

Hi Bill, haven't talked to you in a while.
I mix my own mache and it seems to suit my needs. Plaster, paper pulp, and a little dextrine and your all set. Different quanities of each obviously will get you different results. I am sure you know about the salt and borax deal wich will slow down or speed up drying time. I use this stuff for everything from fish to skulls to rocks. It works for me. I just hate ordering mache because of the weight and the shipping cost. And heres one for you that I found out by accident when looking for a paper filler. Loacted right here in western new york is the largest producer of paper fillers in the WORLD. Its called International Filler Corperation. They have paper fillers in every mil that you can think of,real fine like a powder to stuff bigger then cornflakes. I have there address at work if you need it.

I can also put a vote in for Bob's TAxidermy mache...I have used it and its quite hard when dry. I think its called PM-60? Bernie knows
he uses it.

Bob's PM55 and 60

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/20/02. ( )

I use Bob's, too. I like the rock hard finishes you guys speak of, and am glad to hear all suggestions. And who in their right mind could resist Sallie's mache!


This response submitted by Leanna on 3/20/02. ( )

I was going to mention Sallies mache.....just tried some for the first time about a month or so ago. VERY sticky and dries hard. Sorry, tried to word that different but it just can't be said any other way. Dries harder than AVES. But I like AVES mind you and still use it. I've used no mache that equals Sallies Maches "stability".


This response submitted by Paul B. on 3/21/02. ( )

Durhams Rock Hard Putty is similar to paper mache. You can find it any hardware store. I mix a little dextrine for adhesion and it work better than any papier mache out there. It dries hard as stone and set up time is fast also.


This response submitted by trexels_woman on 3/26/02. ( )

This is what I have used, and I like it.


The Best is

This response submitted by Bonnie on 08/20/2002. ( )

Paper mache is a childs medium writes:


Not true!
Do a search on paper mache and look at some of the artwork created by paper mache artists.
Most of us have done paper mache as children but it is not true it is a childs medium.
If fact children usually have such short attention spans that paper mache is frustrating for them, especially pulp paper mache which takes longer to dry. And if a person files there pulp to be smooth
that is definately not childs play!


This response submitted by joe on 01/12/2003. ( )

yo smell hehe


This response submitted by none of your buisness on 02/06/2003. ( )

Why do you want to use paper mache? It's messy and stinky!

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