Thanks to all for the prayers for my father

Submitted by b bishop on 3/20/02. ( )

My father, James C. Bishop, passed away this morning around 1:30 in the hospital. He was just to weak and lost so much weight by the time he started chemo. that the side effects were just too much for his body to handle.
I truly believe the prayers allowed us extra time together as well as took his pain away for a week and a half. I was honored to be able to be his nurse this last week of his life on earth. Thanks so much to all of you that took the time to send prayers, e-mails , thoughts and hopes, it helped more than you will ever know. God Bless you All . Sincerely, Brad E. Bishop

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Heartfelt sympathies

This response submitted by George on 3/20/02. ( )

Brad, our prayers are still with you and your family during this time we must all prepare for. God Bless.


This response submitted by Patrick on 3/20/02. ( )

Brad- I lost my father at the age of 58 back in 1998. It's not easy, I know. You're in our prayers. Patrick


This response submitted by Dan Hudzik on 3/20/02. ( )

Brad, very sorry to hear about your lost. Lost my brother to cancer when he was 26 and a nephew at 3 months old to SIDS. I know how hurtful it feels to lose a loved one but my friend you and your family are in our prayers not just today but always. Dan Hudzik

Brad I'm sorry

This response submitted by JEM on 3/20/02. ( )

Sorry to hear your loss, you will continue to be in our prayers.


This response submitted by J Beck on 3/20/02. ( )

Brad, read 2 Corinthians 1:3-11. Paul explains why we go through some of the things we do and even why bad things happen to good people. If you read these passages with an open heart and an ear to hear you will see that you have been given a very powerful opportunity to help someone through something that you have gone through; someone who may not have the same resolve or even a silver of hope. In my duties as a chaplain for the sheriffs dept. I have been to many tragedies, and may times the question, Why? comes up. One time, I got a call to go to a home where a 17 year old girl hung herself in the family laundry room. The mother asked me why? I was told that there is no answer to that question but as I stood there looking at this mother who had just lost her daughter, asking God the same question in my mind, I believe He gave me an answer. The answer I gave her was a one word question, What. What are you going to do that will allow the memory of this person to add to your life and the lives of people around you. What is it about this person that will make you a better person? What is it about this event that will get you to look at the priorities in your life? Brad, all I have done is just written some words, and I am nobody to you, but your dad was somebody and if you believe that God is the God of all comfort; He will give you the strength and the resolve to use your memories to see you through the years you are yet to face.

Sympathies and you are blessed

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 3/20/02. ( )

That you were on good terms with your father and you were able to comfort him in his last days. There are many who don't have that option due several possible reasons, and many times their own fault.I don't even want to think about the time I will lose may parents.

God Bless

Sorry to hear about your loss

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 3/20/02. ( )

Brad, sorry to hear about your father's passing. I am glad that you got to spend that time with your father. He is in good hands now and waiting for the rest of us. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.



This response submitted by Roger on 3/20/02. ( )

my thoughts and prayers are still with you. God Bless.

to Brad and James

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/20/02. ( )

Sorry about the news, but it sure sounds great how you two got to spend such precious time together. Nothing can replace that.

So Sorry

This response submitted by Bill M. on 3/20/02. ( )

So sorry about the loss of your Dad. It is important for you to reflect on all the good memories he's given you to carry you through this very difficult time. Keep yourself busy to help this healing period. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.


This response submitted by Eric on 3/20/02. ( )

Your family is in my prayers.

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