Glovesare a MUST! Everyone can use them

Submitted by Jim Tucker on 3/20/02. ( )

I just read the posting about the taxidermist with skin problems. I could not believe in this day and age anyone would be handling ANY type of chemical/epoxy without gloves. Even painting without gloves is a NO, NO. I put on a pair as soon as I get in the shop, and they do not come off until I leave. It has totally saved my skin. Now some of you guys will say "I can't work with gloves". BS, brain surgeons can do their work with latex gloves on, I think we can do anything we need to do. I do have a few suggestions for you guys afte 17 years in OR prior to being a full time taxidermist. Use powder free gloves. They feel better and some people are allergic to the powder. Get a DECENT glove. The El Cheapos will cause you nothing but headaches. Get ones that FIT. They come in at least 4 generic sizes..S,M,L,XL. If you have a latex allergy there are even gloves for you. The ones I use I get at Discount Drug Mart for about $5 for 100. I only use one or two pairs a day! 20 cents a day for my safety. I feel I am worth at least that. If you wash you gloved hands like normal a pair will last a long time. I just feel that all of you are worth a few dimes a day. I have seen TOO MANY people die from years of exposure to harsh chemicals and "non-toxic" paints and products. Remember "non-toxic" means you won't die from ingesting the stuff. Doesn't mean that 10 or 15 years of exposure won't kill ya! If anyone has any BETTER avenues for purchasing latex gloves please let me, and everyone else know!

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This response submitted by mark on 3/20/02. ( )

i get my gloves from sterigard. 1-800-476-1476 good gloves at a price we all can afford. i think i pay around $35.00 for 12 boxex of 100

Gloves are like a fleshing machine, they are useless.

This response submitted by John C on 3/20/02. ( )

it cost a dollar, but I dont have a dollar, I need to save the $5.00 on that cause I just charge $200 for a deerhead, and $3.00 per inch for a fish. We dont make that kind of money in my area, how can I afford to buy them. Jimmy Joe needs Nikes this month, Bobby Lou needs new Reebocks. Dill Bance just came out with a new fishing lure I really need for that tournament Saturday. I might win the amature division with it. Entrey fees are up from last year. WIll Brown Jersey gloves work in place of them, I already have them for splittin wood. GOsh five bucks, I could go out to Mack Dugals for lunch and get a Bug Wack and fat meal deal.

You must be jokin about those gloves, sure Doctors can afford them look at what they charge and I dont.

I pose this to you if you dont use them, "Whats your life worth? Whats the life of your spouse and children worth?"

Why Bother

This response submitted by Dave on 3/20/02. ( )

I dont know why guys keep going on about obvious safety issues, its like trying to tell someone to quit smoking, most just won't!
And they'll make up every excuse in the book why they shouldn't.
Its the same with safety.
Why bother.

Why stop with gloves

This response submitted by BobB on 3/20/02. ( )

You are so right, when it comes to safety, it is a personal issue. You have to decide on your own to wear a seatbelt, not to consume any alcohol before getting behind the wheel, not smoking, not using drugs (illegal or otherwise), etc., etc.

For those taxidermists who smoke, their health risk in the shop is increased in unmeasurable ways. Nicotine from smoking paralyzes the cilia in your airway (who's only job is to try to keep all the air-borne junk out of your lungs) so they need face masks - actually respirators (they do a better job).

Of course even last week in a question about preservatives we still saw some suggest use of flammable solutions. The use of cancer causing products along with many other safety issues would be another front a strong national voice could pursue for taxidermists from across the country.

Animal rights nuts - do not want to put us out of business - they make to much money fighting us they just want to keep up the fight. So instead of wanting to direct another national voice at protecting the rights of outdoorsmen, why not have a national group promoting a campaign looking at protecting the health of it's members from the products and techniques used by it's membership.


This response submitted by michael sestak on 3/21/02. ( )

but if you smoke and get cancer you can sue the tobacco company even if you can read the warning on the pack of cancer sticks you just bought.
but who can you sue if you dont wear gloves? probably everybody you want to.
there are a lot of dimwits in this country
go to its a blast and suppossed to be true.

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