Nitrile gloves-the blue ones

Submitted by Bill Yox on 3/21/02. ( )

I love them. They are tight, and have good "touch" to them. I started out skinning with them and now use them most all the time. They dont pull off when mixing epoxy compounds like latex does. I dont like those unexpected rips in latex (careful!) and latex seems to have a shelf life too. I get mine in large, and they are just tight enough. I would suggest trying one a size smaller then you are.

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This response submitted by Patrick on 3/21/02. ( )

Those are the ones I use. They're great- and much better that the latex.


This response submitted by trappersteph on 3/21/02. ( )

I can skin and flesh many many coons with them on and never a ripple from the fat.Latex gets all ripply and puffy and weak from coon fat,almost as bad as latex and laquer thinner!I reused the same pair of nitrile gloves for several coons and foxes before I decided to retire them.Whats the best of all is they are impervious to skunk juice! Spill pure skunk essense all over the gloves and it doesn't transmit the stinky stuff through to your skin!( I was milking glands I had had in my freezer for a while,thawed them the other night and made a stinky mess on the back porch,course having never done gland milking before I had some leakage problems despite using a syringe and needle)

And the Good News?

This response submitted by Leanna on 3/21/02. ( )

Besides fitting tightly and not getting in the way, and being a very tantalizing shade of blue, you just keep washing your hands with the gloves on and go about your next task. I hate the latex, besides they made me itchy. You could even add a "B" in front of itchy, cuz they made me that too.

Again, they are worth the extra money.


This response submitted by JEM on 3/21/02. ( )

Who do you get them from and how much?

Trust Me

This response submitted by Christoforo on 3/21/02. ( )

The nitrile are the BEST ones to use. I have tried them ALL. Sometimes i will put a pair of Latex Over the Nitrile for extra light gripping.


This response submitted by mm on 3/21/02. ( )

And they handle solvents too, laquer thinner, mineral spirits, etc. That stuff just eats latex up. Also my veterinarian told me that there are some microscopic critters that can get through latex, but not nitrile.

Where to find....

This response submitted by Kenneth on 3/21/02. ( )

I just purchased 4 boxes from Habor Freight Tools for $9.99 a box(100). They have a website and numerous outlets around the country. Good Luck

I went to harbor freight today...

This response submitted by Amy Ritchie on 3/22/02. ( )

.. and they had a box of 100 nitrile gloves for 99 cents! I'm not kidding!

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