What is the best way to get grease out of duck feathers..

Submitted by Rob on 4/4/02. ( ecraep@home.com )

Can anyone out there tell me how to get grease out of duck feathers and is there any tips on preventing grease on feathers. Thanks for your reply...

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This response submitted by Grouseman on 4/4/02. ( )

....the skin with dawn dish saop! You can pour a little onto the realy bad areas and suds it up real good. let the bird skin set im the bucket for 15 minutes or so if you have some realy bad hard dried spots. Rinse the skin and check for any other dirty spots and repeat as needed.

use white gas,

This response submitted by shane on 4/5/02. ( htaxidermy@mcn.net )

i use white gas some people use assatone. colmon fuel works good.
only let your skin set in the gas for only 15:mins for ducks geese a little longer, make sure that your bird skin is free from blood before you degrease your skin, if you dont the gas will set the blood in your feather permently, if you have a stong smell of gas in the bird the gas smell should evaperate hope this helps you, htaxidermy


This response submitted by cur on 4/5/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

Just hit the little button on the left that says, "Search". Type in "degreasing feathers", "de-greasing", or "grease problems", or "degreasing ducks", and you will get a bible full of answers. The archives are full of instructions.

DAWN Dishwashing Liquid

This response submitted by Greg on 4/5/02. ( )

DAWN works great.....or you can use some of the heavy duty degreasers sold in the taxidermy catalogs...When using Dawn I usually wash the skin, then make a new batch, wash it again then make another batch etc...until all dirt, blood and grease is gone....it works well for me........Good Luck!

grease out of feathers

This response submitted by Johnny Benoit on 4/17/02. ( intouch@cfweb.net )

I use a product called mean green first flesh all fat with flesher than use full strength mean green let sit for several minutes and watch the blood & grease disapear I've never had any slippage using this method there after wash bird in dawn liquid then after that go to wal mart and buy several gallons of coleman fuel to soak your birds also I put a piece of cloth wire just above the bottom of a five gallon bucket to keep the grease from touching the bird

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