The GEICKO Squirrels

Submitted by Tom McNeal on 5/23/02. ( )

I can't keep wondering about this all by myself.

Hasn't everyone seen the GEICKO insurance commercial where the squirrel dodges the station wagon? The car goes sliding and skidding out of the scene as the squirrel does a fantastic hi-five routine with his buddy on the other side of the road.

Why does John Belucci and his trained squirrels come to mind?

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How about

This response submitted by Vic on 5/23/02. ( )

The one where the deer(Fawn) comes out of the woods and next thing you know the guy is being knocked down by a lifesize mounted whitetail buck. (Poor mount if you ask me) Then next thing you know, the fawn is running across the road again. I guess they think nobody will notice its not the same deer that came from the woods. Maybe the PETA people can attack GEICO for abusing animals in their commercials!

Ha Ha Ha

This response submitted by superpig on 5/23/02. ( )

by god Tom I think you are wondering a bit too much here. But it's a good one.

I want to know

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/23/02. ( )

How did they do that Mountain Dew commercial where the guy butts heads with the bighorn? Pretty cool effect ....

My favorite...

This response submitted by MarkC on 5/24/02. ( )

... Is still the salmon commercial.

Geicko commercial

This response submitted by robert on 09/11/2002. ( )

Who sings thew song on the geicko commercial where the gecko and lady are in love and dance around together?


This response submitted by Amanda on 10/09/2002. ( )

How do you guys find time to do this stuff? I was looking for something for my science class and stumbled across this. It's amazing how you find time.

Help me please

This response submitted by Crystal on 01/26/2003. ( )

My baby will be 1 on feburary 3rd. And his favorite animal is the little gecko from the geico commercial, and his favorite song is that song "When we touch" you know the one with him and the woman in love... anyways... WHO sings that song? And where can I find a picture of that gecko, I need to have it on his bday cake by feburary 8th..... PLEASE HELP ME!


This response submitted by liz on 02/05/2003. ( )

how did i run in to this website? if you can figure it out please email me and let me know

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