What in the Hell?

Submitted by Whitney on 10/03/2002. ( )

Ok. Figure this one out! Humm.. interesting!

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This response submitted by Glen Conley on 10/04/2002. ( )

It's a wooly booger all right-odocoileus rumpmountus.

Sure Is

This response submitted by Coyote on 10/04/2002. ( mrathnow@comcast.net )

Yep, sure is a wooly booger;
I had one chase me out from my deer blind last year.Snuck up on me from the swamp.Never heard it coming.Luckly I didn't get bit.Heard the shots are really painful that you have to get after getting bit by one of those critters.So if anyone is hunting in or near a swamp, be careful. I heard if you shower in Phals Naptha soap,that it will repel them. Just a warning to those who are hunting


Know your Locals

This response submitted by Superpig on 10/04/2002. ( )

What's the matter Whit. Don't you know that swamp boogers are actually natives of Virginia? Before the pilgrims, Virginia was covered with swamps and therefore a perfect habitat for them swampboogers. When the pilgrims arrived they hunted the swampboogers for food. Swampboogers a fairly slow and very curious anumals. That was there demise. On top of the hunting them for food, the pilgrims and their descendants filled in the swamps and destroyed the swampboogers natural habitat. Today swampboogers have become so rare that some people actually regard them as a myth. but in 2001 a group of scientist have stumbled onto a small colony of them in the middle of the Florida everglades. They are now protected by federal law.

Yea right!

This response submitted by LT on 10/04/2002. ( )

And if you believe any of that,I got some ocean front property in Kansas I want to talk to you about! LOL.


This response submitted by . on 10/04/2002. ( )

in a cage! i was thinkin of breeding them but i cant get close enough to see if they're males or female. i think they're female cuz they're always fighting.


This response submitted by Glen on 10/04/2002. ( )

we got some possibilities here on that ocean front property. Me and
ze piggie are working out some details on a business venture. She is
contemplating increasing production on her scorpion ranch, provided I
do the marketing of the harvest. We could actually use another working
partner, especially one that already owns desirable real estate.

Here's my thinking, she could birth 'em out down there, and then ship
the young uns by rail to the Kansas Scorpion Yards, for you to pick up
and feed out at the satelite ranch.

We could cut the cost of housing terrifically if you would go ahead and
start building 'em some sand castles to live in.

Coyote probably isn't going to want to be left out either. Do any of
your neighbors have any suitable adjoining swamp land? Seems he already
has the knack to get along with wooly boogers. We could establish a new
and separate breeding colony and sanctuary, might help to get them off
the endangered species list. Can't say we aren't trying to preserve things
for the next generation.

Question? Is the WHOLE country under rain today?

Two in a cage

This response submitted by Glen on 10/04/2002. ( )

Don't try to breed 'em! Ya see the teeth on those things? The males
would take offense BIG TIME!
Wooly boogers are easy to sex. The one on e-bay is definitely a dominant
male. Notice the bald crown and lush beard, exudes testosterone.
The females are the ones with the braided arm pits.
Once you get it figured out what you have, you could probably swap Whitney
out of her pair of Mexican Hairless Chickens.

It's still raining here.

nope ! nope ! nope!

This response submitted by kiwi on 10/04/2002. ( )

Take a Very Good look at it ...I think it's close to a whitalpiggy..........I see the resemlants in the chin area! over the years out hunting I have Seen thease Flash at me and disapear into the bush ...the funnyest thing is that there was always a deer come out the other side ....never was able to put my finger on it !

swamp boogers

This response submitted by wet on 10/04/2002. ( voyer1@aol.com )

Actually Kiwi, what you see when you see the deer coming out the other side is they hate the taste of venison and are throwing up.! They get the urge to regurgitate shortly after engulfing the deer, and the deer is released unharmed. It sems though that the swamp booger is not restricted to the south. i had about a dozen beers the other night, and left the local; bar with what i thought was a real cutie, fora night of frolicking. next mrning, the god D%^^% booger was asleep next to me. Sneaky little devils!


This response submitted by Coyote on 10/04/2002. ( m )

I thought I was the only one to go to sleep with a woolybooger.I think thats why the one in the swamp tryed to attack me.I was sleeping with it's mate.Yep those beers after awhile will really mess with your mind.As the old saying goes,"The Women Always Look Better At Closing Time'. And piggy we do have a population of them,in the northern woods of Michigan.



This response submitted by Coyote on 10/04/2002. ( )

Yep; I think this one is going to be around for awhile. hahahaha


This response submitted by Superpig on 10/04/2002. ( )

according to my "2001 Science Manual of endangered animals" the swampboogers in Michigans are actually northern forrestboogers. They are considered a subspecies of the true swampboggers. The northern forrestboggers are known to bed down with male humans after they consume a certain amount of alcohol. A true swampbooger would never do that. They are far too shy for that. Hope that helped to clarify things on the colony you have up there. By the way northern forrestbooggers are not protected and there is not season nor a baglimit on them.

Sorry Glen,

This response submitted by LT on 10/04/2002. ( )

No can do on the scorpion operation.Just floated a loan down at the bank to buy another hundred head of Naugas for my Naugahyde ranch.Course with the price of Naugas being down right now I may have sell em off for the meat.And you damn sure cant milk em,ever tasted Nauga milk? Taste like plastic!And whats wierd is when you pull their hides out of the tanning bath,it has a white,cloth backing on it.Strange.Maybe Bruce can develop a one-hour,paint on tan for em.Oh well,gotta go now,the tides coming in now here in Kansas and I'm going mermaid fishing.See ya.

We got'em too

This response submitted by Bill K. on 10/04/2002. ( )

We have two subspecies here SD- The Lesser Water Booger and the Greater Prairie Pothole Booger. The Greater Prairie Pothole Booger is a bit bigger than the Water Booger. Both are very rare.
Man, I've got to get some sleep.


This response submitted by im dumb on 10/04/2002. ( )

what did i miss. lol.imean they are all over i missed though just like the bigun that got away


This response submitted by Glen on 10/04/2002. ( )

we definitely have to talk now! This could all work out perfect! We all
know that Naugas have to have the sand to roll in to keep the hair worn
off their hides, and that could potentially destroy the sand castles.
We have to remember, this is the world wide web. Coyote lives in Michigan.
He could send down some of that wood slat and wire snow fence and you
could encircle the sand castles with that. Problem solved! (Where have
I heard that before?)
This is looking better yet. They say there ain't nothin' gets a scorpion
up to market size as fast as Nauga Pies and RC Cola. That's just like
the modern sparrow farmers, you know, where they put the horses out and
turn the sparrows loose in behind them.
Mermaid fishin', you say? LT, we gotta do this now! The one's with the
yellow manes that can transform their caudal peduncle and caudal into
the long, lean land legs? I've wanted to catch one of those real bad,
ever' since I saw the first one make a splash in the ocean. We just
gotta deal.
Don't tell Tom and Coyote about the mermaids, they might abandon their
wooly boogers.
It quit raining, and I'm sure the sky would be blue........if it wasn't


This response submitted by Superpig on 10/04/2002. ( )

Glen you are a hoot. Made my day. Ok you convinced me. The first shipment of scorpions should leave here on Monday next week. Each of them will have their own little wagon to sleep in. You need to let LT know. I need to know the port address. I would like to have two Naugas for each fifty scorpions send. Deal?


This response submitted by Coyote on 10/04/2002. ( mrathnow@comcast.net )

Ok the hell with the wollyboogers.I want a Mermaid too.Wood slats and snow wire for a Mermaid. Sounds like a deal to me.


Yote Dream on!

This response submitted by wet on 10/05/2002. ( voyer1@aol.com )

Sorry yote, butit is illegal to harvest mermaids under the age of 12. HA! HA!


This response submitted by Coyote on 10/05/2002. ( mrathnow@comcast.net )

Why did you have to go and burst my bubble this early in the morning. And besides I was figuring on keeping the mermaid in an aquairum until she was old enough.Also, are you sure a mermaids age is the same as ours. I was always told different.LOL


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