proof of grandfathered ownership of tiger skin rug

Submitted by Tony on 11/26/2002. ( )

A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a tiger skin rug (no head) that belonged to her merchant marine father. She has no receipts, etc. What form of proof is acceptable to note that the animal was dead prior to 1972? Are there any governing appraisal bodies that the gov't accepts?

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what are you looking to do?

This response submitted by Liz on 11/27/2002. ( )

It depends why you want the appraisal....sort of. I am guessing you want to sell it. If you want to sell it, even if it is prior to 1972, you still cannot sell it in interstate commerce. That's a federal law. As far as selling it in your own state, you would have to check with the state to see if they allow sale of an endangered species within the state. Many states that do allow it, still require a permit to do so. As far as finding an antique appraiser, there is no one particular association that is "approved" by the government.

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