Submitted by EARL on 02/28/2003. ( ANTLERSANDWINGS@COMCAST.NET )

THIS IS WHY EBAY CAN SUCK...I won this cape on ebay from Rick Foutch from MI..triple_a_auctions is his ebay ID..This guy is what gives ebay a bad name..Here is his auction item description<><><><>A1 cape! Everyone knows what a whitetail cape looks like so I didn't take a picture. Plus I didn't want to unthaw it just to take a picture and put the cape at risk, because it would have to be froze again, then you would unthaw it and the less time its out of the freezer the better. ANYWAY THIS IS AN AWESOME CAPE! It is-- 8 x 26x 28--- no holes and it has long northern hair from this hunting season.it is frozen and will be shipped that way.There will be 25.00 charge shipping 2 day. I would mount this myself but Im going into realestate and I just dont have time. Good luck bidding <><><><><><><><><><>Well I recieved it Thursday,1ST thing I noticed was the shipping,I paid $25.00 for 2nd day ,he sent ground and he paid $11.73..I knew right then I was in for a reaming..2ND thing it smelled sour and the skin was real rubbery,no kind of tan I ever saw..I cut into some thick spots and you could see it wasn't completely tanned if it really was..3RD, "NO HOLES" right there in black & white he say's "NO HOLES" I wonder what cape was he referring to ? Holes every where,15 stichable holes,some 2 inches long, 4TH, no tucking skin at all for the eyes & nose,very little around mouth,cuts all through the lips and chin area..Some of the one eye was shaved down below the lids..5TH, ear notched bad,no biggy ,kind of neat,old wound.."BUT" ear was never turned before the so-called tan,the other ear was fine except only half turned..6TH, hair was as poor as it could get,both sides of brisket very thin/rubbed hair..Right shoulder has what looks like reed shaved hair,looks like hell..I had emailed him several times during auction with some questions and even after I won about the money order and not one reply..I took a chance and sent the money figureing he might be away..All payment info was listed in auction..It's a shame ,the only awesome thing about the cape was the size..Yea I know I should of known with that "NO PICTURE" description..Now Mr.Foutch will not answer emails.."COMMON METHOD WITH LYING LOSERS"

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Earl, the first clue is see is the word UNTHAW

This response submitted by John C on 02/28/2003. ( )

Just being a dumb ole hillbilly, to me laying something out to thaw, means it will be soft and workable.

Ad the prefix UN, that means to me to freezer as Un makes the word have an opposite meaning.

So to thaw would be to remove from the freezer.

UNthaw means to freeze. Un freeze is there such a word, or would it be unfreeze


This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 02/28/2003. ( thepredator@gci.net )

You should know better with such a low feedback rating that this guy has! PLUS he already had negatives. You buy and sell on eBay more than I do (so far...lol), I NEVER NEVER buy from someone that has more than 1 negative (everyone can make a mistake). Plus I don't usually buy from a less than 200 feedback, tho that sometimes doesn't make a difference.

Better luck next time?

Take care!

"Hot Water Heater"

This response submitted by Vicki on 03/01/2003. ( Myersark@townsqr.com )

"Unthaw" is much the same as a "Hot Water Heater." If the water is hot, why would you need a heater? Correct term is "Water Heater."

Just another 'dumb hillbilly's' observation.... =)


This response submitted by Gopher on 03/01/2003. ( hillfmly@surfmk.com )

Earl, first I would like to say sorry to here about your ordeal. I dont know Ken or how to get a hold of him but hopefully this will get to him. My question is this could'nt he put in a new heading in the categories section like "Questionables Alert" or something like this, it sure seems to me it might help some of us from getting burned, want to buy something not sure about the person check the questionable. I know yours happened on e-bay but it still be put on here. Maybe this would help. Kevin

P.S. I know it would be diffucult but with the good people of the forum to help with it we could make it work.

I don't buy on ebay

This response submitted by Alex on 03/01/2003. ( ats )

That's why I don't buy capes on ebay, I have my sources that I have kept for years, and I buy from them straight out, I tell them this is what I want and how much is it ? one good source for capes is Midwest taxidermy 605-336-1459 or Brunko taxidermy he advertises in Breakthrough, you won't ger cheated there.


This response submitted by wilson on 03/01/2003. ( )

No mater how flat the pancake is there is always two sides.
Earl give us the item # so, i mit take a look.
I don't like to get taken either.

$177 Ouch

This response submitted by Rick on 03/02/2003. ( )

$177 Ouch, thanks for the heads up on this guy. I saw this auction and read His description prior to the close. Was leery of no PIC and His feedback so I stayed away. Like Gopher said it would be a good idea to have a Bad Dealer list for everyone to check for sales on this net. Sorry You got burned Rick (PS Not RICK FOUTCH)

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