Source for All-Game epoxy compound?

Submitted by Raven on 01/01/2004. ( )

Anyone have a source for purchasing All-Game? I've tried emailing Cir-Cut directly and emails keep getting bounced back to me. I went through the suppliers links here and everyone seems to be carrying Apoxie Sculpt. Reluctantly I'll purchase that if I have to but I really prefer All-Game for my work.

So if someone has a source to purchase All-Game, please post the info or email me.

Thanks =)

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I was told they filed bankruptcy and are reorganizing

This response submitted by John C on 01/01/2004. ( )

Call them, I have not seen All Game in several years, but did recently see it on EBAY.


This response submitted by Brent on 01/01/2004. ( )

You can buy it from Van Dykes ........It took me alot of searching as well, cause thats what I like the best.


Still around...

This response submitted by Raven on 01/01/2004. ( )

They're still around. All Game is all we use at work, purchased in the 5 gallon pails... but I thought more people would carry it. Dang I may have to think about switching products if they dont get into wider distribution of their product so it's easier to come by...

Thanks Guys.. I'll check Van Dykes online stuff and see if it's listed... otherwise I'll just call them.


Try Apoxie Sculpt Natural

This response submitted by George on 01/01/2004. ( )

I like it better than I ever did All-Game as it is much smoother and does not have strata lines when cured. Price is about the same anyway.

Thanks George I will =)

This response submitted by Raven on 01/01/2004. ( )

I've used it before (in brown and black though - never natural) and wasn't happy with it. I found it to be too grainy. Perhaps I just had a bad batch (somehow). In any event - the Apoxie Sculpt seems to be available everywhere on the net and I couldn't find All-Game on the Van Dykes page, so I *think* I'm going to give the Apoxie Sculpt another try. What you said about it being smooth and blending out nicely is appealing as I know you can easily identify separate applications of All-Game, the one thing I never liked about it - takes some work to cover that.

Anyway - thanks again =)

LOL Raven

This response submitted by George on 01/01/2004. ( )

For some reason the colored stuff IS grainier. Pink and white seem OK and the newer black works well, but yellow and brown are the pits. The natural stuff works well.

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