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We are just starting out in taxidermy, and have a few questions, How do you go about getting a license? What chemicals to use for preserving and tanning. pretty much have questions about everything.
is there a live chat room to ask these things

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Your best bet is not to worry about a license

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You dont need a license for your own anmials even if you and your buddy are doing your stuff.

Just starting out, you are not ready to do commercial work.

Get your quality up then check with your state DNR or fish and game.
Next will be your Federal Migratoy Waterfowl permit.

YOu need to get the WASCO Breakthrough Taxidermy Manuals, those will tell you what you need for supplies.

Before you go asking 500 questions, 99.7% of which have already been answered here on the forums, do some reading, order some catalogs, use the links words under the heading on this page to find everything you have just ask about.

Here ya go, its a steal.

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Breakthrough Manuals
Submitted by lloyd on 01/01/2004. ( )
Waterfowl &bird finishing--Mammal---Fish----Birds---Habitat & Exhibit--Whitetail Deer--All in good condition-- $18.00 each plus shipping or all 6 for $95.00 plus shipping--e-mail me direct at

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This is exactly what you are asking for and need.

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Slipknot many of us are willing to help, but remember we cannot teach you without you haveing a good starting point.

You just cant teach without the student having some knowledge of the basics.

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