What is the motto of the Society of American Taxidermists?

Submitted by andrew on 01/06/2004. ( )

This is not a joke question, it is a question I need the answer to for a quiz, so if any one could help
What is the motto of the Society of American Taxidermists?

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Never heard of them.

This response submitted by John c on 01/06/2004. ( )

Been in this business since about 1978 and never heard of them.

You may be looking for the National Taxidermist Assoc.

So if this is for a test, the question is wrong.

That Society

This response submitted by Alex on 01/06/2004. ( Advancetaxidermyall@hotmail.com )

Really doesn't exist it was made up by an old taxidermist in Tarpon springs Florida back in the 50s , where he would sell you a Diploma membership for 5.00, which looked impressive and people would hang it in their shop as legit.

code of ethics?

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 01/06/2004. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

Or does he mean, the code of ethics. Which can be found by clicking on the NTA link above.

ARCO Taxidermy Supply

This response submitted by Old Fart on 01/06/2004. ( )

Alex hit the nail on the head. I forgot about it myself, but somewhere in my "junk" I probably still have their catalog(if you could call it that) from the early 1960's.

Alex, do you remember the name of the taxidermist? Was it Joe Walker?

Arco taxidermy supplies

This response submitted by rick on 01/06/2004. ( )

Was the name of the company selling the certificate.Don't recall the motto but this was one of the first catalogs I ever got.I started taxidermy in 1975,the owners name was Joe Walker.I still have that old catalog somewhere and will check out what the motto said.

There were two "Society of American Taxidermists"

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 01/06/2004. ( stephen.rogers@comcast.net )

The most recent was that mentioned above. They published at least one issue of a publication called "Society of American Taxidermists Magazine" Editor: Unknown
Publisher: ARCO Taxidermy Supply Company, Tarpon Springs, Florida

I only have one issue of the magazine in my archive published September 1975. I don't recall a "motto" in the pub, which was amateurish if I remember right. (If anyone has extra copies of other please contact me, as I collect old taxidermy publications and ephemerata).

The original organization called the Society of American Taxidermists was a group of very professional Taxidermists who organized the society in 1880-81 and disbanded in 1884. They published three annual meetings with papers and bibliography lists, as well as had the first jurored taxidermy competitions in the US. The first meeting was in Rochester (as most founding members were employees of Wards Natural History Establishment), the second in Boston and the third in Washington D.C. The publications I have are the Annual Reports of the Society of American Taxidermists
1st Annual Report for the years 1880-1881: 36 pages
2cd Annual Report for the year"s 1881-1882: 58 pages
3rd Annual Report for the year"s 1882-1883: 126 pages
Publisher: Society of American Taxidermists, Rochester, New York.

Andrew, if this is the organization in your quiz (which is doubtful) I can look for the motto.


This response submitted by newbirdman on 01/06/2004. ( )

It looks like your going to get an A+ thanks to these guys . Good luck . Rick

Motto Thanks

This response submitted by Andrew299 on 01/08/2004. ( )

Thankyou all very much with all your help. I expected this to be a difficult question as I could find nothing about the society on the web. The question that I posted as my original response is taken exactly as it was on the form and so from your responses it must be refering to the society mentioned by The Taxidermologist. If you do have a motto in those publications and its not too much trouble could you inform me?.
Thank you all again

Not a motto per se...

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 01/08/2004. ( )

The only statement that may resemble a motto in the Constitution of the early society is called an "Object" which probably is closer to the reason the society is formed and what it is designed to do.

Page 50 of the second report (and reprinted in the third)

"The objects of this society are to promote intercourse between those who are interested in the Art of Taxidermy in various parts of America, to encourage and promote developement of that art, and to elevate it to a permanent and acknowledged position among the fine arts"

I still think that your question was flawed. No test I am aware of would look for this answer since perhaps only at max, there may be only two or three complete sets of the Annual Reports in the entire world. Surely the inquisitor meant the NTA or IGT or even some other organization.

What I remember.

This response submitted by duckfeathers on 01/12/2004. ( )

For what it's worth. I was a member way back then. Joe Walker ran this
business out of Tarpon Springs Florida for a few years. He had a catalog of supplies and put out a small newsletter periodical every few months. The motto he promoted was the name of a sealant which was something of an electrical coating of the day used in taxidermy for sealing fish skins and more. He would state;
"taxidermists war cry -- GAMBROGE "

I'm doing the quiz too...

This response submitted by Alan on 01/14/2004. ( )

...and I can confirm that Andrew is asking this "for real", assuming he is the Andrew that I think he is... However I cannot vouch for the true intentions of the quiz question setter!

The "taxidermologist" has done a great job trying to answer the question. I understand there's a set of the reports in the Smithsonian, but it would be difficult to get there and look it up since I (and Andrew) am in the UK. Hope that doesn't bother you!

Thanks for the help "duckfeathers"; this also might be the answer.

But I have a nasty suspicion that the question was supposed to refer to some sort of a joke (I'm sure there must be quite a few rather taseless jokes which would either begin with this question, or perhaps end with the punchline "the motto of the Society of Anmerican Taxidermitsts").

My plan is to answer the question as written, with notes about both of the "societies" and shame the question setter into giving me the points.

If anyone has any further ideas or suggestions, the closing date is Friday at noon (UK time, so best finish posting before Thursday midnight). Otherwise, many thanks again.

Quiz? me too!

This response submitted by Colin on 01/15/2004. ( )

Same quiz, same question and no answer as yet! lol

The correct answer?!?!?

This response submitted by andrew on 01/21/2004. ( )

The results of the quiz are in. We lost by half a point.
The answer to my original question according to the quiz master is

-- Get Stuffed --

Now don't take that as an insult - that is apparently the answer.

Thanks again for all your help.


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