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Submitted by Sandy on 01/02/2004. ( )

Hey there guys! Hope you all had a great New Years! Yesterday I was watching that animal cops show on TV....and I happened to catch a line that pissed me off. The Houston SPCA saved 4 black bears from some type of drive though zoo....I am guessing the bears were illegally kept...because they were healthy looking suckers! Anyhow, the one animal cop made a remark about the plight of these bears (bears kept illegally) how the sad story is they usually end up going to a taxidermist. It irritated me because I had the impression we are all driving around these zoos looking to kill an animal to mount! Oh well...just wanted to see what you guys thought on that. I just love watching that show...even though I know humane societies in general seem to have the attitude that no one can take care of an animal "good enough" for their standards....and they are all anti-hunters too....I am guessing.

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Ive seen that show

This response submitted by BOWGULL on 01/02/2004. ( )

Every pitbull is some type of worldclass fighting dog also. Bunch a crap But it is amazing on how bad people will treat thier animals. Problem is the cops oppinions are broadcast as fact and the general public is to dam stupid to realize what the truth is.

Can you say PETA!

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/02/2004. ( )

Several cases have been allowed to show only petas view.

Have they ever put one fricken dime forward to help any endangered wildlife, that is not in a stinking ZOO?

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