Information on Ear Magic is now available.....

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We have added a page on with information on Newton Supply's newest product. Ear Magic.

Steve promises our stock order for T R Supply will ship out this week.

PS.....just a inside note....This is one product that will be changing the way ALOT of people do ears! Even though this product is a superior replacement for the bondo method....there are alot of people who use earliners that would use bondo if it worked better....well guess what.

Stop by and read up on Ear Magic. We will be PROUDLY offering next week.

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Ear Magic Data Brochure

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 01/07/2004. ( )

What is Ear Magic? It is a new concept of ear treatment designed to help the taxidermist create consistant, strong, flexible earliner quality ears in a ready to use product. Take a moment to read the Ear Magic brochure and instruction sheet it will explain Ear Magic further.

Ear Magic

Ear Magic is a time saving reinforced translucent ear adhesive designed to produce strong, flexible earliner quality ears for the taxidermist without the mess. Ear Magic is a ready to use product that can be easily tinted, providing application flexibility not previously found in other methods of ear treatment. Can be used with either tanned or dry preserved hides.

Ear Magic uses:

Direct application to ear cartilage using the bondo method of application resulting in exceptionally thin, strong, translucent ears.

Can be used with the addition of fiberglass cloth, or chop for reinforcement for large ear applications.

· Manufacture of customized earliners.

· Excellent for all small or large mammal applications.

· Install earliners with Ear Magic

Bondo Method- after the ear has been properly turned and ready to mount Ear Magic is applied in a thin layer of approximately 1/16î in thickness to the cartilage. Carefully turning the skin back into proper position over the cartilage in sections as the product is applied. This process minimizes any required cleanup. Once the skin has been turned right side out over the cartilage work the Ear Magic towards the ear edges and then back towards the ear center insuring the ear skin is smoothed and the ear edges are thin. In approximately 5-7 minutes the material will begin to cure. Make any final adjustments at this time. Card the edges of the ear as required to provide sharp crisp ear edges. Alternative method is to form a pocket by inverting the skin half way. Pour the Ear Magic into the pocket and work the ear as described above.

Reinforced Ears -- Ears maybe further reinforced by adding fiberglass chop to Ear Magic for larger ear applications. Alternative Method -- trace a pattern from the ear cartilage and cut fiberglass cloth to shape approximately 3/8î smaller than the pattern size. On wax paper apply Ear Magic to both sides of the fiberglass cloth forcing the adhesive into the glass fibers. Install the cloth over the cartilage insuring the adhesive extends to the cartilage edges. Invert the skin to cover the cartilage and cloth. Work the adhesive to the ear edges and then back to center insuring a smooth transition from ear edges to center.

Making Earliners- Mix and apply Ear Magic directly over an appropriate sized earliner mold. Before applying Ear Magic prepare the earliner mold with a releasing agent (auto wax) to insure easy separation from the mold. Allow curing for approximately 15 minutes, trimming the earliner around the edges, separate from the mold, then replace on the mold. Allow the new earliner to fully harden to shape before installing. When extra reinforcement is required fiberglass chop or cloth maybe added as required.

Product yield approxiately 20 sets of medium ears per 32oz. unit.

Any questions about Ear Magic feel free to e-mail me or call us at 800-888-2467

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