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Submitted by Dick on 01/07/2004. ( )

I have purchased a gal of McKenzie tan to try. The directions state to let the tan penetrate for 4-5 hrs than proceed with mounting ar freeze. I have always used liqua-tan and have always applied the tanning cream in the evening and let it penetrate over night, mounting the hide the next evening after returning from my "day" job. Would it be alright to do the same with the McKenzie tan or is it mandatory that it be frozen or mounted after 4-5 hrs. Thanks

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/07/2004. ( )

Id leave it soak as long as they say, and if you HAVE to leave it, roll it up in a towel to sweat and saty soft until the next day. Why couldnt you just get started one day early and use them from the freezer?

McKenzie Tan

This response submitted by Perry on 01/08/2004. ( pstout@mckenziesp.com )

yes it will work the way you have been doing. Give me a call with any question at 1-800-279-7985 Perry

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