Old dryers, tumblers, plans and the sort

Submitted by Brent on 01/03/2004. ( Brent@3doutdoors.com )

I have gotton a few emails from different people asking me about converting an old dryer.......I am by far not a pro at this but wanted to post this to give everyone "My Opinion" I just copied and pasted the return email to one of the gentlemen I responded to to maybe shed a little light for others too:

You will need to disconnect the heating element. thats the only thing that requires 220......the motor is just a 110.

then you will need to plug the holes up in the back of the dryer, I have duck taped em, I have cut pieces of plywood and used drywall grabber screws to plug them and I have also took the whole dryer apart and cut and put a piece of plywood in the whole back of the drum part. The biggest problem with an old dryer is the drum gasket.......no matter what..... it's gonna lose
sawdust. I have run it with shavings and it still will leak em out. I
finally built me a 55 gallon drum tumbler. It took me a day and an ole dryer motor to do it along with some old lumber I had
(It was a tedious task) I have to agree with George Roof (for once..lol j/k george) on this one,.........you can look around and
find a decent used tumbler for 300 to 500 dollars. In my opinion it's best in the long run.

Hope this help shed some light some,

Now I am as poor as the next guy and not gonna say I havent tried all kinds of stuff, but in the long run it would have been cheaper I think to have just bought one. I have gone thru 2 old dryers and am using my 55 gallon drum I built now, in 10 years, and am not in a big commericial spot and get 100's of customers a year.

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I agree

This response submitted by Wally on 01/03/2004. ( wpttaxidermy@hotmail.com )

I ave a couple 55's on a stand with roller's under them filled with cob..Works fine I keep one for white birds unless I have a lotof darkies to dry..then its time for new clean cob again when I get to the snows and such
Only my .02's worth

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