Indiana Taxidermy Convention?

Submitted by Rick,T on 01/08/2004. ( )

I have a few questions about the upcoming convention held in March, I have e-mailed Joe but am getting no replys.

1st of all I am not a member of AIT or NTA, is the convention only open to members or can the public attend also? I also need to know if it is open to public veiwing what are the admissions fees.

I wanted to enter some of my work, but will not be able to attend the whole weekend convention, Maybe next year.

Any info I can get will be appriciated, Thanks

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Hey Rick,

This response submitted by Todd B on 01/08/2004. ( )

Anyhow, Yes you do need to be a member to attend the seminars and competition. There is usually a public viewing on Sunday. I am not sure about times but the cost is $2.00 or $3.00 unless it has changed since last year. Unless something is different you can attend just one day at the one day rate. I am not sure of the fees or costs for entering mounts. You can check out the AIT website at If you have any questions you can get back with me and I will try to help.

Todd B


This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/09/2004. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Hope to see you there! Great group of people. And I guarantee you'll do what you have to to be there all weekend next year. Heck, I'm staying a day after the convention so I can actually enjoy the convention center(excellent seafood buffet) after running from seminar to seminar.(LOL) Counting the days! Jeff F.

Is there a fee for the seminars too

This response submitted by Don on 01/14/2004. ( )

I'm in the same boat as Rick and would like more info too, no responce from the web page.I would like to attend some of the seminars, thanks

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