Article on Photography of Mounts

Submitted by Bob Mead on 01/11/2004. ( )

I know I saw an article in either Breakthrough or Taxidermy Today explaining techniques used to photograph mounts. It had information on lighting, f-stops, equipment, etc. I want to say it was written by John Belucci or maybe Gary Bowen, but I can't honestly remember. I do know a mounted leopard outside in a tree was part of the article, as well as some indoor elk shots.
I looked through my indexes and couldn't find anything. Was it all a dream or does the article really exist? Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Mead

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No help....

This response submitted by Dan on 01/11/2004. ( )

It was Bellucci. It's been probably 3 years ago. Sorry I couln't offer any more help.

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