Submitted by mike wilson on 01/09/2004. ( msduckhunt@bellsouth.net )

have any of ya'll in the northeast ever had any dealings with Penobscot Bay Outfitters? we have a group of 4 or 5 of us from misissippi who are looking to book a sea duck hunt with Todd. also , any other outfitters you know of i would appreciate there names.
thanks, mike

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This response submitted by Paul Czarnecki on 01/09/2004. ( )

Penobscot Bay does a great job! Another quality operation is Bill Pidgeon at www.eidersdown.com. I've had clients hunt with both outfitters and both had glowing reviews. Good luck!

Penobscot Bay Outfitters

This response submitted by JL on 01/09/2004. ( wmlures@metro2000.net )

They are a first class outfit by any measure.You should have a great time and a great hunt. Bring an ammo bearer...you'll need one.Sea ducks are not your average puddle ducks lol. Good luck..JL


This response submitted by mike wilson on 01/09/2004. ( )

thanks for the information---- i also have heard nothing but good things about them- i guess i need to get busy and book a date

thanks mike

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