Bear hunting

Submitted by Mike on 01/04/2004. ( )

This is not a taxidermy question but this is still probably the best group to ask. I am considering a bear hunt to Ontario next August and was wondering if anyone knows anything about Foggy Mountain Outfitters owned by Wayne Bosowicz. He also has a bear camp in Main.

Thanks for any help

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Bear Hunt

This response submitted by Doug on 01/04/2004. ( )

I am not familiar with foggy mountain outfitters but I might be able to steer you to a quality ontario outfitter. I am president of our local chapter of the North American Bear Hunters Asso. and many of our members have hunted with Rocky and Angie Thompson at Thaddeus lake lodge and have enjoyed great sucsess. They offer a great bear hunt and good fishing also at a economical price. They have a high sucsess rate and are good people. If you are interested I have provided a link for you. Good luck.


Where are you located?

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Where are you located?
I was just working on getting a group together for this fall.
We hunt with Redstone Hunt club in Ontario.
The bear camp is in and around haliburton forest (just south of Algonquin)
We drive up from central Ohio.
That area of Ontario generally doesn"t open bear season until the first week of September.
I need to get a large enough group to book the camp for the first week. We rate by filling the camp. We have hunted there for the past 2 years. Last year 6 of 7 hunters got shots on bear. I wont point out the guys who missed. We took 2 Pope and Young bears (I think the pictures on redstones web page) and we had a generally great time.
Let me know if your interested I can give you the details and e-mail some pictures.


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