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Submitted by Art Hursey on 01/04/2004. ( )

I don't know if anyone else has this problem or not, but I am constantly changing my shop around and am never happy with the results.
Maybe we should have somewhere to post pics of our shops to help others and to learn from more organized people. What do you think?
Antler storage, form storage, fleshing and skinning areas, work benches etc. I am disorganized : (

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Antler storage

This response submitted by Jack F on 01/04/2004. ( )

When I built my shop recently. I took a 8ft galvinized pipe and made brackets that hang down from the ceiling about 1.5ft. I hang all my antlers over this. It keeps them handy and out of the way. I have a 6ft pipe the same way I use to hang capes and skins over to dry. This works great for me. As far as work area goes. You need to get a work bench in an area that is well lit for fleshing and turning. Jack F.

Set it up where you dont back track.

This response submitted by John C on 01/05/2004. ( )

I had a ushaped work area once, 32 feet of counter top down one side a sink at the middle, then another 24 feet down the west work wall.
I skinned on one side, washed tanned where the water/drain was mounted amd moved to the finish area. This worked great as I could do the same type specimens and keep the work flow going without tons of back tracking.

Salt rack was in the rear of the building. Showroom in the front. Things flowed well had tones of room for form storage, freezers etc.

Think about what has to be done with each specimen, keep like techinques in the same area. A little time here and there makes for a lot more production!

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