About my site!

Submitted by Stephen Trull on 01/04/2004. ( stephen.trull@wildlifememories.com )

Well, every day I try to figure ways to help people get more informed and add to my site....it's for everyone and everyone is welcome to contribute positive and helpfull information in which I compile into it's proper location...including any and all competitors links that you can freely submit in the links section. I know some of you have visited my site wildlifememories.com and I reccomend that you check back often as it is growing and evolving as I get input from all the users on the site.

I have had some great comments and I appreciate everyone that has contributed. As with any site it take time, a lot of time, to get everything in and then get people comming. Thanks you guys for your support (Curt, nsbowhunter, BrandonWildlifeStudio and everyone else).

Have fun, play nice, and enjoy what you do.


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