USFWS December 31st Inventory update

Submitted by ken on 01/09/2004. ( )

I called USFWS and spoke with Michelle Outlaw about sending the December 31st inventory. She said that this is no longer required and, to her knowledge, never has been. She has been working there since 1998. I was informed to do this in 1995 when I applied for a license. She pulled my file and found the inventories and I.D. tags that I had sent....... Looks like they would have informed me that this was no longer required. Thanks, Ken

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Never Heard of that

This response submitted by Brent on 01/09/2004. ( )

We just renwed our liscence and USFWS made no such request. I have also pulled our copy of the regs and I can not find such a requirment in them. You do have to keep those records in your shop.


This response submitted by George on 01/09/2004. ( )

Ken, I've had a migratory bird license since 1973 and I've NEVER heard of such a crock. You must retain them, by year, but nothing's ever been said about mailing them in. Don't give these people any ideas.


This response submitted by BUZZI COOK on 01/09/2004. ( OLYTAX@AOL.COM )

I just inspected our original permits, we've had a Federal Migratory Bird Permit since 1976. And up to the year of 1999 we've had to submit a written log, of all our yearly activity, to the USFWS during November of each year, at the time permit renewal.
This is evidenced by a printed statement stating such requirement on the bottom of the each permit, date until 1999. In the year 2000 we were only required to maintain this log on our premises for possible inspection.
Maybe the USFWS is a lot different here on the West Coast?

Scienticic Collectors permits...

This response submitted by Howard Whitten on 01/12/2004. ( )

If you have a scientific Collectors permit or salvage permit, the Feds and certain states require an annual report. We do here in Maine.

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