Pop Ups..

Submitted by Hoop on 01/12/2004. ( )

Anyone use any of the spyware or pop up stoppers? Know of any good software or sites? I have been getting hammered lately!

Thanks, Hoop

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Try google

This response submitted by Chuck on 01/12/2004. ( )

Down load a google search bar for the top of your screen an it will stop them.It works great and it is free.


This response submitted by Jim Grill on 01/12/2004. ( )

has free downloads for spybot,search and destroy..good program..I think they also have pop up stopper..many more downloads and tools available..

Make sure your computer has them turned off

This response submitted by George on 01/13/2004. ( georoof@aol.com )

I'm no computer whiz, but I know I stopped most of mine by going to the Control Panel and clicking on Internet Connections and turning the pop-ups off. Most ISP's have their own programs in place to stop the others. By law, I understand all new computers must come with them turned off. The older ones came with them turned on.

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