Shop safety

Submitted by OJ on 01/13/2004. ( )

I have eliminated laquer paint in favor of hydro mist, and I still use a mask. I Am ceasing use of petro for bird degreasing. I would like to hear opinions on other products. I dont use formaldehyde. What about two part epoxy putty and hide paste? Bondo? Dry Preserve or Borax? Tanning agents? Obviously we cant wear gloves for everything. What are some precauitions to keep in mind? I do alot of birds and I wonder about that preservative dust!

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Wear a dust mask when you skin

This response submitted by George on 01/13/2004. ( )

So you don't inhale those feather fragments and possibly the mites that live in them. BUT, I DO WEAR GLOVES most of the time I'm working in my shop. Once you get used to it, you feel naked without them.


This response submitted by Raven on 01/13/2004. ( )

A tight fitting respirator with organic vapour cartridges is good to have. It will block the styrene that is in the polyester resin that is the base component of Bondo.

Also make sure you have gloves on when using bondo or epoxies as both have chemicals that can absorb into your skin.

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