Your US Customs guys are SERIOUS about security - WOW!

Submitted by Raven on 01/13/2004. ( )

Wow geez check this out for tight security! I shipped out an order for a customer last week and it is STILL sitting at customs in Detroit which is only 3 hours from where I am in Ontario. We keep calling the shipper to find out why it's being held and they say they don't know - it's a customs issue - not theirs. Heres where it gets fun... I was commissioned to mold and cast some replica F16 flight simulator control panels. No gauges or anything when they leave my studio as they get installed later. So it's really just a hunk of fiberglass that looks like part of a Falcons' cockpit. Well I found out today that now the guys at customs want to open the crate and inspect it. I also found out that there is a flag on the account saying it's not to be released until they contact the recipient and obtain his social security number! So what I'm left thinking is... this Homeland Security thing y'all have down there is SO tight now.. that they think this guy might be using this flight sim for a computer game to learn how to fly planes into buildings?!?! Am I just thinking crazy thougths or does this make sense to anyone? Why would they need the social security number of the guy I'm sending it to? LOL! I'm sure his name has been run through their computers a hundred times looking for terrorist connections by now... I wonder how extensive their data base is on Canadians - LMAO! I tell ya - I'll be thinking twice now if I see a black van marked "Flower Delivery" parked on my street ;)

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Well Raven,

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 01/13/2004. ( )

I hate to say it, but up too now, all the terrorist that have ever done us wrong, have came out of Canada. So they must be extra careful right now. Why Canada allows them to come in to the country in the first place, is beyond me. But I am also sure, that they have not decided to leave Canada and try coming in from Brazil. I hope you you have your ducks in a row, because this is not something to be taken lightly. Unless you are working on a goverment contract, this does look right to me, making, replica F16 flight simulator control panels, better be researched, right down to what ever you used as the cast product of your mold.
But then again, I am not aware of a F-16 hobbly club, that rebuilds those jets. But then again, any thing is possible. But you can not blame them for checking this out thouroghly.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/13/2004. ( )

Do you think theyre gonna be that strict about replica antlers? Hahaha, gotcha! Hey, do you know Art from canada? He doesnt care for me in here, ya know...


This response submitted by Raven on 01/13/2004. ( )

Yes Bill - they can be that strict about repro antlers! LMAO! The whole mad cow thing... I sent out a set and they held that for a couple days until I asnwered questions for them. First they thought I needed permits to send animal parts - they totally missed the "reproduction plastic" in the description.. then went on about how I couldn't send deer parts because of mad cow. I had a moose calf skull delayed for months until I could finally ship it out - that althought bordering on paranoia at least made SOME kind of sense, byt clearly labelled REPRO ones? Hell maybe we'll just drive yours over to ya... we could be back home in a couple hours - LOL! Oh wait I forgot.. the Peace Bridge has had an average 3 hour delay for US bound non commercial traffic this week ;)

As for the flight sim itself.. it's all covered and legal and stuff. Patent and copyright attornies have given the thumbs up to the whole project. There's actually a few companies that sell them,, complete with ejection seats, tubs - the whole bit! Some even go as far as to have accessory kits with oxygen tanks that mount on to the seats! You pretty much need a spare room to fit the thing into though - all assembled they're about the size of a bed! LOL!

Raven......I understand the problem now

This response submitted by Mark on 01/13/2004. ( )

In YOUR words
"....attornies have given the thumbs up to the whole project...."

enough said


This response submitted by Raven on 01/13/2004. ( )

It's legal - LOL! It's not a copyright thing or patent thing or anything of that nature - everything on that front was well taken care of. I didnt post this to be a legal kinda thread - just about how strict the security measures are getting. I wasn't even saying it was a bad thing... I'm just shocked how INTENSE the security measures are now!

I remember when to go to Buffalo you drive over the bridge.. 5 minutes tops at the border - then ya were in... 3 hours waits aren't uncommon now. It certainly is different nowadays... I've gotten used to hearing teh border reports every day on the radio now, and delays are posted o the electronic signs over the highways.. but this shipping thing caught me off guard. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes to get to him.


This response submitted by wilson on 01/13/2004. ( )

you have said before, there is no difference between the US and Canada; it's just a line in the sand.
I think it's like my X, the good times were good but the bad were worse.
[I can do without]

One point of clarification...

This response submitted by Raven on 01/13/2004. ( )

One point of clarification then Im dropping this since I can see it getting into a Canada vs US thing and Im not getting into that silliness again...

There are several US based companies that make flight simulator thingy-ma-bobs for use with computer games. It's no big deal - its a toy for big boys and nothing more. They get shipped back and forth all over the US all the time. I guess this is different because now customs is involved so the warning signals are flashing. If they were aware of all the domestic ones being sent from state to state I'm sure they'd be looking into those too. Anyway - I'm done - I didnt think this situation which I thought was kinda funny would go downhill so fast.... kinda sad really...


This response submitted by Raven on 01/13/2004. ( )

It cleared customs no problem and is safely on it's way now - just checked the website again and got the new info.

Yer guys in customs are really on the ball - they held it for a full week until they got the answers they needed before shipping it out =)

I'm still surprised HOW thorough they are being... but good job =)

On similar subject...

This response submitted by gordon on 01/13/2004. ( )

Hunter related today that it was almost impossible for candian hunters to cross with hunting rifles on US hunts. It is possible, but it takes a yr's of back and forth paperwork... Alcohol, tobacco and firearms responsible. For example, permits not issued without hunting license. Only permit must be applied for one yr ahead of planned entry...when licenses are not available.?/

The worst part

This response submitted by John on 01/13/2004. ( )

All of this "security" crap is a waste of tax dollars. Go ahead and argue but it is true. International flight into the US was a joke, and I HAD firearms (hunting trip to S. Africa). I tell ya I felt "REAL" safe with all of those minimum wage people standing around doing nothing. It was even worse in Joe'Burg. And to think all of this is because of what was allowed on the planes at the time! YES folks the box cutters were allowed to be carried on the aircraft. I know I feel safe when I go to the airport. How about you!

Esepecially when they allow the Mid Easterners to pass

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/14/2004. ( )

Other than McViegh, all the terrorist here and abroad against the USA have been between the ages of 17 and 50, Racial profiling? NO Levae the old Grandmas alone, check the guys instead of letting them go.

Between 17 and 50 huh?

This response submitted by marty on 01/14/2004. ( )

Boy, that really narrows it down - lol!

And Randall, the other half are already HERE in the good ol U.S. of A!

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