Lice eggs on hair of Boar

Submitted by Lance on 01/14/2004. ( )

I have mounted a hog after pickling and tanning it. There are numerous "nits" or brown egg casements on the shafts of the hair. They don't look like they will come off without pulling the remaining hair out. No problem? Just lightly mist them with paint? Any way of removing them? Thanks Lance (and I did check the archives)

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Bot eggs

This response submitted by Jeanette Hall on 01/14/2004. ( )

Those are bot eggs. My horses would get them all over thier legs. When they licked their legs they would ingest the eggs that hatched in the gut. Nasty worms. Anyhow, I used a bot knife to remove the eggs. When I got into taxidermy I found that most of the hogs had bots in the hair on their chest. I use a bot knife on them as well and with good results. If I am lazy I just paint over them. You can get one of these knives at a feed store or anywhere that sells horse supplies. Just ask for it by name.

Matt Thompson

This response submitted by Tenbears on 01/14/2004. ( )

You all thought Matt invented it didn't you. A MatT tThompson Fisk Fleshing knife is In all actuality A bot Knife. So just use that.

Lice comb

This response submitted by Hog Heaven on 01/14/2004. ( )

You can get one at most drug stores.Used to remove head lice nits.

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