bobcat hounds

Submitted by jd on 01/14/2004. ( )

not really about taxidermy, but does anyone have any information on hunting bobcats with hounds, you know, like they do with mt. lions
im interested in starting but cant find too much info. i have alot of coon hunter friends but all that work for some coons, id rather do bobcats. i live in missouri where we have plenty of cats. i trapped a few this year. any info would get great,

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Know people who do it

This response submitted by Ronnie t on 01/14/2004. ( )

I know people who hunt bobcat with hounds, they use beagles dont know how they trained them but can find out.

If you know

This response submitted by Tenbears on 01/14/2004. ( )

Coon hunters. You are half way there. I have friends that are avid coon hunters. Occasionally they get coon dogs that run Bobcats. Serious coon hunters do not like these dogs. so If you check coon clubs. I bet you could come up with some cat dogs. Especially in states that do not allow Bobcat hunting with dogs. As these guys don't like to spend the night chasing the hounds, Only to find a treed Bobcat

Try Full Cry Magazine

This response submitted by Just Me on 01/15/2004. ( )

There is a magazine called Full Cry,(C&H Publishing, Inc.) Box 778,
Sesser, Illinois 62884 (618)625-2711 which has many articles about
bobcat hunting. The magazine is only about hounds (bear, lion, bobcat,
coon, squirrel, deer, etc.) and has plenty of information for the
beginner. It also would have pleny of classifieds and advertisements
for bobcat hounds. I would highly recommend anyone interested in hound
hunting to subscribe to this magazine. If you contacted them, they may
even send you a free copy. There are many people in your neck of the woods
who hunt bobcats, very few use beagles which are primarily rabbit dogs,
most use coondogs, or foxhound crosses. Bobcat are, in my estimation,
the hardest critter to catch with a dog. They are much harder than coon
or lion, bear is right up there though. There are plenty of hounds out
there that can tree a bobcat, but there are not many bobcat hounds out there.
It takes a lot of time and plenty of patients to make a treedog, but there
is not many things more rewarding to train a good hound. Good Luck!

Only one bad thing

This response submitted by Bojack on 01/15/2004. ( )

I've coon hunted with some guys alot and the only bad thing about bobcats is they will run till daylight before taking a tree. Atleast this has been my experience with them.

Bojack you beat me to it.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/15/2004. ( )

Bobcats run like the wind, maybe you would think more about Walkers than Beagles. We chased dogs till daylight when the stuck on bobcats. We were not after the cats but after the dogs.

Have a friend took his dogs out to Kansas when I was stationed there. A twenty mile run through the flintshills is possible.

Although we did get some big coons.


This response submitted by jd on 01/15/2004. ( )

thanks guys. i have read some of the full cry magazines and learned alittle. thanks for all the info, ill put it all to good use.

training a cat dog

This response submitted by wayne on 01/31/2004. ( )

get a coon hound pup.and work it on tom cats or barn cats. same training like coons. and don't run at night they don't tree well. walk him on lead in the snow where there are cats , find a track and turn him loose . it takes alot of work. but to me thats the fun of it after all. its the chase not the kill all the time that counts. good huntin

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