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Submitted by Cole on 01/18/2004. ( )

I'm just curious about the animal laws in Washington. I do a little taxidermy only for myself, but I have a wide interest in animals. Anyone from Washington know if you can keep reptiles, big cats, waterfowl; especially stuff like venomous snakes ? Just curious. I called the DNR, but they really did not seem to know where to direct me to get these regs. Thanks

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This response submitted by wilso n on 01/18/2004. ( )

you mit just want to start at the bottom. If you can't keep them
where you want;what would be the use.
Start with zonning.

Do you watch the news?

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 01/18/2004. ( )

The legislature is currently looking at banning all "exotic pets" in Washington. That would include big cats, bears, poisonous snakes, and probably anything else that the anti's can manage to squeeze in. I think waterfowl will still be OK with the proper permits.
Washington is not a good place to have live animals. IMO, too many Californians moved up here after they got tired of screwing up their own state.
Remember, Sasquatch is a protected species here!


This response submitted by Cole on 01/18/2004. ( )

I knew I should have been more specific about what I'm looking for.
Of course I watch the local and national news. Everyone is trying to outlaw anything and use homeland security to do it. Law enforcement has used and will continue to use homeland security to take away the few constitutional and civil rights the people of this nation have left. Try getting on an airplane with gun oil ! They will seize it and send you a nasty letter threatening you with jail and a fine for trying to board an airplane with a solvent ! GUN OIL for gods sake !
Tippie Hedron - alias the Birds star and mother of Melanie Griffith, has a foundation for big cats called Shambala in California. She got a bill introduced to outlaw ALL animals that are non native to the US. Of course, it never made it to the floor. In California, possession of a venomous reptile is a felony. So, I am not really interested in knowing if some idiot who just wants to keep poison snakes and tigers in his back yard can do it - that is illegal and well should be. I have written a non profit charter for endangered species and cannot find anyone in the DNR who can supply me with the regs on this. Of course, you need permits to keep anything these days - even a dog ! Even though the USFW allow me to keep two raptors which I hunt with, the state also requires permits and inspections. I'm just looking for the regs regarding permits for exotic animals for this state and thought perhaps taxidermists would have an insight into who I might contact.

A library would be the place to start

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 01/18/2004. ( )

But seriously, I doubt if you would get an answer from anybody now because the law may be on the verge of changing. I was surprised to find out that it IS legal (at the moment) to own big cats and bears in WA. I thought it was already illegal. I don't know any specifics on poisonous snakes, but I vaguely recall a news story about someone who was bitten by his own rattlesnake a year or so ago. They might still be legal too - for a little while, at least.

Me too

This response submitted by Ali baker on 02/04/2004. ( )

I am too trying to find information on the banning of animals, well exotic animals in washingotn state...

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