Those Canadians

Submitted by Tenbears on 01/15/2004. ( )

I went to Ontario Bear hunting this fall. A friend has a BMA lease, and invited a few of us up to hunt. We spent a week, Although I saw a few bear, I was looking for something over 200 pounds, so I did not arrow one. My buddy who took a 175 pound bear was delighted. It was his first bear. A few weeks after we got home he got a patch in the mail from the Ministry Of Natural resources, Kinda nice patch, Has 2003. Ontario, Bear hunter, Chesseur D'ours. Since he got it we have had loads of fun with it. he wears it on a hat whenever I am around. Anyway My friend came down to my cabin during deer season. And I gave him Heck, I mean what's up with that? we both spent $160.00 Canadian, he got a bear for his money, I did not. Then he gets a cool patch to boot. I got nothing for my $160.00. Well, everyone gets a big kick out of it when I rant and rave about how I got ripped off. John,( My buddy with the patch) And I go through the routine every time one of our hunting buddies shows up. Well, we have an annual banquet with our sportsman club every year, We call it Cabin fever. Kinda like a mini NWTF banquet. a big get together for all us guys. Anyway my buddy who we hunt with in Canada Always comes. This year he shows up, as usual. As door prizes are being awarded, and other festivities are going on they call him to the podium. he goes up and begins a long speech, " For his tireless service, Bla Bla Bla." Then he says we would like to award Tenbears this patch, So he will Quit whining. And pulls out a Chesseur D'ours patch from Ontario. The crowd roars. Most of them have herd the story. Was I embarrassed? No! I set myself up for it. So I took it with the hilarious spirit it was intended. Yes, those Canadians have a twisted sense of humor. But ya gota love it!

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good story Tenbears

This response submitted by b bishop on 01/15/2004. ( )

too bad you did'nt get your bear but then again maybe it is a good thing as then we would have to call you eleven bears ! LOL just does'nt roll off the tongue like tenbears does !

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