Quality Taxidermy Supply

Submitted by Jim on 01/18/2004. ( )

On Friday, I had the opportunity to stop by Quality Taxidermy Supply in Kinston, NC. Boy, was I impressed...not with the facility, but with the owner (Terry Lipscomb) and the products. Their deer forms are great...lots of detail and nice poses. I will highly recommend them and will start ordering my deer forms from them (they're about $10 per form cheaper than most other companies). Give them a try and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Call them for a catalog but be warned, the pictures in the catalog do not do their forms justice.

Quality Taxidermy Supply

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This response submitted by JIMBO on 01/19/2004. ( NATURALWILDLIF@JUNO.COM )

JIM; do you know if they have a web site? thanks


This response submitted by Craig on 01/19/2004. ( wyrickstaxidermy@earthlink.net )

He doesnt have a website.I think I seen a homepage at one time but I dont think its up now.I do a lot of business with them.

No website...yet

This response submitted by Jim on 01/19/2004. ( )

I asked Terry about a website when I was in there Friday. He said that they are working on getting one up, but didn't say when it would be up.


This response submitted by Chip D. on 01/19/2004. ( gameskinner@yahoo.com )

Jim, Where are they located in Kinston, I'm just outside of New Bern,NC and would love to go there and check it out. Is he open on saturdays?

Chip D.


This response submitted by Craig on 01/20/2004. ( wyrickstaxidermy@earthlink.net )

I seen his signs last year on the way to the beach.I didnt have time to stop.I think it was just off of Hwy 64 a little ways out of Kinston.East of Kinston.

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