Submitted by John Wastsone on 01/18/2004. ( )

Looks like Rush Limbaugh was absolutely RIGHT !

Thank god we are finally finished looking at McNabb's ugly face until next season when the democraps trot him out as the poster child for the great black super bowl hope ! Anyone else notice how the liberal democrap media put McNabb's ugly face in dozens of TV ads after Rush said his piece ? What more proof do you need ? Then, of course, they had to bring in the white quarterback to try and save them in the end. Rush really isn't the problem here is he ? Food for thought, but McGoodness aren't we glad McNabb is gone and maybe now he can get some other McJob besides trying to prove the Republicans wrong ! LOL

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Please keep politics off of here!

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/19/2004. ( )


BTW, how's Rush doing with trying to keep his medical records a secret so the extent of his "doctor shopping" won't be known? I haven't heard lately. I think we should take Rush's advice and lock up all drug abusers don't you?

The Eagles STINK!

This response submitted by marty on 01/19/2004. ( )

McNabb's the main reason they've gotten as far as they have in the last three years!

When your receivers can't run the right patterns and they drop balls that are right on the numbers, and then your defense can't tackle worth the crap, and balls bounce the right way for the other team - causing turnovers, how in the hell can you blame that on McNabb?

He didn't have his greatest game, I'll admit that. But yesterdays loss was truly a TEAM EFFORT. The Eagles should've NEVER been there in the first place...

What about the Indianapolis Dolts

This response submitted by George on 01/19/2004. ( )

I must have mentioned your comments on that situation, Cecil?

A Hoosier Perspective

This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/19/2004. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

The Colts were PATHETIC. More turnovers than a Pillsbury commercial. Would have liked to see the hometown win but how about that MICHIGAN Quarterback! Looking like quite a superbowl but I take the Brady bunch by at least 10. Jeff F.(another pathetic Vikings fan)

George no such team LOL

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/19/2004. ( )

Nice try. Don't follow to much organized sports. I'd rather fish or hunt do something in the outdoors. I'm usually out ice fishing during the Superbowl too.

I guess you're not going to defend Rush?

No Cecil, I'm ready for some football

This response submitted by George on 01/19/2004. ( )

I try never to mix politics with pleasure. Go Carolina.


This response submitted by Richard C on 01/19/2004. ( )

Sorry about the game yesterday.

What game?

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/20/2004. ( )

I'd rather go icefishing!

Im a McNabb fan

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 01/20/2004. ( )

Rush was absolutely correct, but as usual, liberals hear out of one hole in their head, and it aint the ear. Rush was blaming the MEDIA for hyping the black quarterback just like the nfl/media is pushing for black coaches, to the extent that they must interview at least one. Thats really bad when you have to tie the pork chop around a kids neck so the damn dog will play with him. Id be embarrassed to interview for that job, knowing damned well someone told them they HAD to do it. Just like law enforcement HAS to hire that black/hispanic or woman. We have to force it to be "natural". Its unbelieveable. I say we MUST have a white guy at every position in basketball, fair IS fair, you know...

Yep, Rush fingers the media, and folks loose their minds over the so called racial slur. Ive been a big McNabb fan for years, when he was such a standout QB at Syracuse. Fellow NYers sure remember him from that. I didnt see all the McNabb stuff on tv after the Rush fiasco. I saw the Campbells soup commercials, and the one where the guy cuts his likeness in the neighbors bushes, and others, BEFORE that stuff happened.

super bowl

This response submitted by wes on 01/20/2004. ( )

I'll take carolina by at least 10. I don't mind the pat's but I think carolina has them this time. As for Mcnabb I'm not much of a fan of his. I do think he's a great QB but almost think he'd be a better running back or reciever for the eagles anyway,because the reciever's they have now are terrible. He'd be better off running it every play. I agree the lose wasnt his fault, it was a team effort. If i was going to blame anyone on the team though it would be the recievers.

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