reference pics?

Submitted by Brandon Wildlife Studio on 01/19/2004. ( )

Hello all,
I am going to mount a l/s mt. lion for comp. and was wondering where I could find some good reference pics. Thanks Jerry

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Check the differenet suppliers

This response submitted by Kenneth on 01/19/2004. ( )

Many of the suppliers have numerous reference photo sets available for purchase. Check WASCO, Van Dykes, Jonas,,, and so on. I would also type the word Mountain Lion into your search engine and see what pops up. Many times you can save them to your computer, then generate a photo. Outdoor Oklahoma Magazine has some excellent reference. If you have a particular pose you were after, I could check my library of reference. Breakthrough and Taxidermy Today are also excellent sources for reference and information. Good Luck, e-mail me if you need help.

Barnes and Nobles has a calender thats great.

This response submitted by John C on 01/19/2004. ( )

All Mt. Lions close up, even check out the wolf calender!


This response submitted by B.W.S. on 01/19/2004. ( )

thanks you guys.Will check out all

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