Is it just me?

Submitted by SeaBass on 01/19/2004. ( )

This is not entirely related to taxidermy, specifically. Sorry.
Maybe its just my computer being a pain, but for some reason, sometimes i cannot respond to a message that has been posted and responded to. The little thingys that you type into at the bottom of the page just aren't there. In case anyone knows anything about why this is happening. Thanks.

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Test Your Computer !

This response submitted by Rick,T on 01/20/2004. ( )

Seabass Go to, You will have to register but its all free, Register then run a full system test, it will find any problems with your computer and give you the option to adjust your settings manually or an Auto Fix. Make sure to turn off all spyware programs and anti-virus programs before running a full test or the results will be screwed up. I usually run a test on my PC every month just to make sure it running a Max performance.

Try hitting the "refresh"

This response submitted by marty on 01/20/2004. ( )

Sometimes the categories to the left do not come up for me and all I do is hit refresh (two arrows at the top of your screen) and lo and behold it comes up.

Try deleting the temporary internet files too if the refresh doesn't work...

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