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I am finishing off a my new basement shop. My original plan was to install a fire sprinkler system, use fire rated 5/8 drywall and metal doors. Now I am thinking it makes more sense to just eliminate the flammable stuuf and change my techniques accordingly. So....... I get rid of laquer in favor of water based paint. I stop using mineral spirits on my birds. Am I missing anything here? what other fire hazards do I need to be aware of The solution seems too simple to be true. I just dont want a fire in my house. the epoxies and bondo is bad enough.

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Keep your combustables in a fire rated cabinet!

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring on 01/16/2004. ( )


If you keep your thinners in a metal cabinet away from an ignition source it will eliminate most of the hazards. If your painting in an area where there is an ignition source like a furnace or gas hot water heater and fumes are present then you have a potential problem. It might be wise to talk to your local fire marshal about your concerns. Another concern is proper ventilation when your painting, a good spray booth can go a long way to solving many concerns.

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