Dem. vs. Rep.

Submitted by John on 01/22/2004. ( )

OK I am sure with all this political stuff floating around here now that the title got your attention. I am by no means politically correct or politically inspired , but today I was out fishing with my nephew and he brought up a pretty good point. My sister in law (married to my brother) is very Dem. as I believe my brother is also. I believe they vote right down the party lines. She would not even watch he State Of The Union Address the other night because her feelings are so democratic, she hates Bush, she hated the other Bush, Reagan, etc., etc., rite down the line. She loved Clinton, even though he screwed around, lied and got caught. Every body has thoughts, ideas and expressions that someone will like and someone will dislike, It seems to me that the Union is divided on this 50-50, yet it all should boil down to a matter of opinion not if you are a Dem. or Rep. Hear everyone's opinion and then cast you vote. I feel a vast majority of people vote because once a Dem. or Rep always a Dem. Or Rep. Just listen to what everyone has to say and make a decition.I do not believe that if you are a Dem. you think every thing about Bush is garbage. If you are a Dem. and feel this way and received any money back from his tax cuts did you keep it or send it back to the IRS and say no thanks lower the deficit with it I do not need it. I am in the middle of the road and will vote for those that speak the truth and tell you like it is and try not to get "Political" and tell you what you want to hear. I am a Rep by choice and think Bush has done a good job, yes there are some faults and problems but overall the hand he was dealt was a pretty bad draw of the cards and until you have been in his shoes I would bite my tongue. If I believed in a Dem. could do a job I was going to elect him to do WITHOUT TELLING ME IN THE TYPICAL POLITICAL FASHION I would cross party lines and vote for him/her.Thats all I would like to see is someone that wants to get into office to tell me the truth. PS I am from MN and yes our last Gov. was an independent and he had his downfalls, but I believe he that he did his best to tell us the truth he laid it out for us and tried to abide by it. I might be wrong on this issue also but remember I and you have not sat in the Gov's chair much less The Presidency of The United States Of America. Just vote with your mind not your political brand.

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Very well said!

This response submitted by Brandon on 01/22/2004. ( )

Couldn't have said it any better! Very Well spoken!

Just curious about Jesse Ventura, John

This response submitted by Cecil Baird ( ) on 01/22/2004. ( )

Did he really open up all lakes in Minnesota to jetskies? That would really piss me off!

You are not alone in your thoughts............

This response submitted by Mac on 01/22/2004. ( )

as I feel and have felt the same way for some time. Who would have thought that entering a forum to learn more about taxidermy would end up with a politics lesson to boot! LOL! I have stated in previous posts that I knew there was reason I liked this forum, and it's the first I have ever really had any desire to contribute too. Yall seem down to earth and express yourselves well and I hope to make some trade shows & meet yall in person someday. As stated, John, I could not agree with you more. If more of our citizens would act on the same lines the course of history would have definately been rewritten. The unfortunate aspect for a good majority of Americans, (myself included) is that we get so wrapped up in the go, go, go of our daily routine, that politics other than what you have to contend with at work, is furthest from our minds. Not until the last 10 years did I really start to watch and place my vote. You live and you learn, especially when what happens starts to affect your livelihood. I currently work in Naval Ship Repair on the E. Coast and hear many facets of political issues, but most deal with our industry. Bottom line is if you want to be informed, you have to do your homework as all too many times the smoke clouds the truth. Kudos to all of yall informed enough to make statements that raise questions, for without the questions, we would all be but sheep being herded (more so than now) in the direction the Gov't wants. The average working man and woman cannot break away from their day to day life to fight local politics let alone big politics without risk of impacting their family. Lets hope our next President focuses on America more so than the foriegn agenda, not that what happens overseas is not important, just we need more attention here at home. I need more coffee I'm rambling. Yall have a great day,

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