"Most unlikely nature scene" Taxidermy Award

Submitted by SeaBass on 01/22/2004. ( bassluongo@comcast.net )

Just thought this was amusing, its a "mink about to attack a squirrel with a weasel just looking on..."

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This response submitted by Terri on 01/22/2004. ( thaken@chartermi.net )

From a distance the squirrel kinda resembles the gopher on the movie Caddy Shack!

Looks to me like...

This response submitted by Lance H on 01/22/2004. ( )

somebody cleaned out their freezer.LOL

Needs Help

This response submitted by Paul I on 01/22/2004. ( paulblastoatyahoo.com )

Your right and when you check on sellers other items and look at the red fox they mounted they need to spend some time on here learning more.

I like it

This response submitted by Bill K. on 01/22/2004. ( klager@nvc.net )

Reminds me of Bamby with a understated, yet gentle hint of reality. lol

Nice Base

This response submitted by Leslie on 01/22/2004. ( )

The base looks pretty nice though. Really realistic with the added flowers. Looks like some that may have been taken from a graveyard.... LMAO

Upon further review...

This response submitted by Bill K. on 01/22/2004. ( )

...I see that the squirrel has a pine cone but no pine trees are to be found.

Spring budding branches with fall colored leaves on the base.

And snow.

What season is it?

I still like it though!

It's a shame

This response submitted by Bobbi Meyer on 01/22/2004. ( bmeyer@iland.net )

to waste all those gorgeous foxes on those "less than perfect" ( yes I'm trying to be nice) mounts. Looks to me from the legs of them that he stuffs em with sawdust. Either that or they have rickets.

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